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Jul 23, 2017

7/23/17 J.M. DeBord's Dream Theater, Paranormal Crystal Mine and Sci-Fi

"I can never look now at the Milky Way without wondering from which of those banked clouds of stars the emissaries are coming. If you will pardon so commonplace a simile, we have broken the glass of the fire alarm and have nothing to do but to wait. I do not think we will have to wait for long." - Arthur C. Clarke, from The Sentinel, 1948

Misc and Stuff - Updated 8/1/17
  • KC Total Eclipse Party: Facebook. "On August 21, everyone at City Market will be in the path of totality to witness this event. The eclipse begins just after 11:30 a.m. and will move into total eclipse at 1:08 p.m. The last time Kansas City saw a total solar eclipse was 1806, and the next time will be 2205." 
  • Weston, Missouri is gearing up for the big day. Verna with Main Street Galleria  says they're serving breakfast. Also adding Moonlight Mimosas, Moon pies and Eclipse survival kits.
  • Best spots for Solar Eclipse viewing in KC area Kansas City Star
  • This site has the exact time and length of view.
  • Example: Weston, Missouri: Congratulations, you are in the path of totality!
    The Partial phase begins on Monday August 21 at 11:40:37 AM
    The Total phase begins at 1:06:50 PM
    and will last for 2 minutes, 6.2 seconds.

    (Central Daylight Time)
  • From 2012 - Nothing is full of Something. Physicist Lawrence Krauss, A Universe from Nothing. Metaphysics has known this. ;) Krauss continues 2017 The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far. Extra credit for incorporating the ideas and works of C. S. Lewis and Philip K. Dick. Expanding mind horizons to connect dots unfathomed but nevertheless pinging us to evolve our imagining. 
  • The Book of Dust - Golden Compass author Philip Pullman returns! - October 2017 BBC Interview 
  • Levitating rocks at an Arkansas Crystal Mine sent the owners into a tizzy. Antics were so unnerving the mine shut down. Investigators set up shop: Mysterious Universe. Mine reopening (status unknown) TBA.
    Up for a tour? (Updated 9/22/27) Web page with current info and status of the mine: Board Camp Crystal Mine Home Page - A mystery and an opportunity if you would like to visit.  
  • Related comments from the YouTube Account:
    Yosemite Sam - 7/22/17 -
    I hope you folks are sincere and not just making stuff up to get more visitors at the crystal mine. Someone earlier commented about piezoelectric effect when quartz crystals are put under pressure. Electrical energy is created and that is a reasonable explanation for the flashes, effectively lightning created. Now as far as the floating rocks, I can't think of a rational explanation for that. I am looking forward to further releases. By the way, I doubt its aliens, perhaps earth changes related to the ascension from 3D to 5D. There is a lot of chatter in the alternative media and psychic crowd about this and I am curious to see if this is physical evidence of this emerging. Anyways, thanks for letting people know about this and its not evil or negative in any way. Peace.
    Board Camp Crystal Mine - 7/22/17 - Sam, we have no clue either and are open to hearing all explanations! And I'm personally with you (Josh White) I believe the lights are some sort of reaction from crystal energy under the ground.... the rocks I have NO CLUE! My mom Cheryl has read a bit about using sound frequencies to make rocks levitate in the lab. Maybe we stumbled across this in nature? While skeptical to the whole ET/Paranormal thing, I'm still open-minded towards it and it's definitely fun and interesting to think about! Thanks for your comment.
This is 100% really happening and we have several witnesses, along with actual video (not just photos) coming soon! I'll be posting a second video later today. MUFON has asked us not to post the floating rock video until verified that it's authentic and they should be getting back to us soon. We have not made a dime off this yet and have actually closed the mine for months now. We will reopen soon and give tours. Thanks for your interest and viewership! 

Levitating what? Check the video here YouTube

Plan your wardrobe accordingly. *Note those recorded temp changes when the atmosphere shifts and the white light flashes. MUFON and The Travel Channel visited. Findings to be featured in an October episode on Expedition Unknown.  Write up from MUFON will be posted in November.

Why do Humans and Dogs get along better than Humans and Wolves? Turns out Dogs have a "friendly" gene.


J. M. DeBord is back. Last time we talked about Lottery dreams. Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives/J. M. DeBord Interview. This time we talk about the Dream Theater.

Imagine something kind of like this great Art app. Deep Dream Generator. Say Wow!

Kansas City experienced a major electrical storm Saturday night and the station was without power and off the air for several hours. Major tree damage and power outages. Not sure until just before the show whether we would be able to do a live program but it worked.

Still a few out-of-sync audio cues at the time of our interview so the podcast might have a glitch or two. Delayed in posting. Studio did not have access to the internet.

We talked about programing crystals and dreaming about celebrities... and Cody Lee mentioned the ghost in the station. Fun night. ;)

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