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Jun 30, 2017

SciXFriday - Paranormal, Unexplained and when to call an Exorcist

"Unknown, unexplained and unproven can still make a dent in our reality." - Talking to Nightlights II 

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  • 2016 - Poltergeist in Scotland. Police called to the scene referred the case to the Catholic Church. Enough said. Telegraph 
  • Spain: In February (2017), an Exorcist was called in when a city worker got spooked by an experience he couldn't explain. Daily Mail.  The town mayor remained unconvinced. "He added: 'I am a skeptic. It's not true that it is inexplicably cold. It is a collective psychosis.'
  • June 2017, Police were called to get rid of a Ghost in Eastern Thailand: BBC 
  • Exorcisms trending? "In the US, over the past 10 years, the number of official priest exorcists has more than quadrupled from 12 to 50". Telegraph 
  • Situations or circumstances requiring an Exorcist:  NYTimes Blog. More indicators an Exorcist is needed. Daily Mail 
  • 2017, Fallout from Exorcism frenzy: Mental Health Issues. NYPost 
  • Simon Cowell says he called an Exorcist to help him. Mirror 
  • Day in the life of a modern day Exorcist in the United States: Vice/YouTube 
  • The Rite by Author Matt Baglio is about Father Gary, another Modern Day Exorcist: Time 
  • Father Gary Thomas on the Demons he has encountered and the Premiere of The Rite (Trailer) with Anthony Hopkins. Express. Interview with Father Gary: Catholic.com 
  • When Dad is an Exorcist: PS Mag 
  • The long deceased Saint who still conducts Exorcisms. Father Matteo. Trailer YouTube 
  • FYI - International Association of Exorcists 
  • Back to basics: Exorcism - "This is an example of an essential misunderstanding of how to battle a demon. We aren’t fighting flesh and blood, so attacking the person’s body doesn’t make any sense. It is a spiritual battle. It is about the power of Jesus and the power of demonic forces." Pope Francis has no hesitation suggesting alternatives to act against the dark forces some refuse to acknowledge. - The Guardian 

And then there was - light .... SciFi Short - Changing Batteries. Student Film with a very big heart.

Facebook: Changing Batteries
Viddsee: About Changing Batteries

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