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Jun 21, 2017

Death is not final - a few words - and a glimpse into my reality

"Of course you don't die. Nobody dies. Death doesn't exist. You only reach a new level of vision, a new realm of consciousness, a new unknown world." - Henry Miller

June 10 - Curtain still down. Belongings still present in the apartment. Dumpster in the parking lot. No answer at the door. I heard her voice as we drove away. She said, "You came? Thank you."

One of my long-term broadcasting friends died recently. My frustration came in the fact that she had connected but omitted the fact she had ovarian cancer, instead, she declared it in a post I missed on Facebook. And that was her last post.

To be fair, she also left all of her long-term friends out of the loop, including my brother who had been her hairdresser for years. In comparing notes, we discovered she connected with both of us at the same time, just prior to her last post. She had apparently been tying up loose ends and checking out. The post was the final disconnect.

Janet knew about all my paranormal stuff and house sat for my pets and wondered with me about my nightlights. We experienced instances of dream connections. I helped her with her mother's passing. She did not fear death.
My nightlights also engage outside.
The light was turned off.
*Might be a longer load time on this.

Toward the end - after years of contemplating suicide - she had a few reservations about going. She had at long last found her
sense of contentment. The struggle eased.

When I telepathed to find her, I got mixed messages and a sense of being in several places during transition.

In a dream, she showed me a
male she referred to as her new "boyfriend". In the real life scenario, he would not have been her "type"... She then requested I not track her down. I wanted her to know we cared. She assured me she knew.

My Guides offer a bit of insight: She kept it private for a reason. A final diagnosis had been given. There was no incentive to recover. Being found would have caused confusion, emotional turmoil, discomfort and, no doubt, regret. Potential delay and complication. The Universe was offering a smooth ride out. The conflict in contact with those who had been close was that it might impede the transition by creating more physical resistance.

Be that as it may, she lived on the fringe. I was a non-family member and limited in information gathering. I discovered she was not listed as deceased when checked out of the hospital. Given she asked me to let it go, reluctantly, I decided to honor her wishes.

I do have experience with departures. One Grandmother gave me prior notice of her pending departure via a dream. That heads-up allowed for arrangements to return home in time for her services. The other connected after death to express her wishes concerning song selections for her memorial service and then completely dissolved the grief pangs from my body, infusing a soothing calm sensation that remained for several days.

One very unique reading during one of my interactions in Weston, Mo. involved the deceased saying he remained an Atheist. I posted that experience on Talking to Nightlights. Our reality is incredibly, beyond-comprehension, vast.

In fantastic bits and novel pieces we are presented opportunities for greater awareness and conscious engagement. Almost one month after an RIP post on her page. No obit or death notice.

I had been asking for any helpful clues she could provide. Lights turned off in the studio. An apparition started to manifest in front of me. I couldn't tune it in. No parting word or note, with the exception of our last chat on Facebook. And then. 
Notify Kin ... Synchronicity?

We stopped at the gas station down the street
from her place. My husband bought a couple of lottery crossword puzzles.

Janet loved word games, lyrics, hidden meanings in songs. Dreamed at one point of being a Disc Jockey.

She had a great mind and fondness for eclectic music and musicians. She did a few radio stints in various formats. 

That's where we first met and continued to work together for several years. We succeeded with at least one PSI connection and she visited my dreams as well.

Neither puzzle was a winner but the words stood out. Winning words 'Heart' and 'Vocal'  ... and on the card that said "Vocal' - two completed words: 'notify' and 'kin' ...

And then, when we left, the car 'engine' light came on.

Trust this: Whatever state Janet is in, she hasn't lost her sense of humor and she is connecting.    

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