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Jun 25, 2017

6/25/17 - Patti Conklin in living color, an extraordinary Healer

The dead do haunt the living.They wink in and out of phase in our physical world, giving rise to affirming seers and denying doubters. To know and know not. The question, "What reality is death?" - Talking to Nightlights

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Patti Conklin - Vibrational Healer

Odds, ends and misc. 

  • DailyMail, Finally, Ministry of Defense releases the "X-Files" - 15 files (3 still remain) that cover 50 years of UFO related cases, including the Rendlesham Forest Incident. Digital access not available. You have to see them in person. Plan your trip Here. 
  • Details on what has been released via Q&A with Nick Pope: "I hope people have as much fun reading these real-life X-Files as I had working on them. These documents don't resolve the UFO mystery but they certainly show how the phenomenon was just as intriguing to the government as it is to the public." 
  • How to sell a haunted house: HGTV
  • Buy a haunted house? The Line Up - several from 5/2016 and some are still listed.
  • Viral gold nugget of the week: Anonymous says NASA is planning to announce contact with Alien Life. DailyMail - Nick Pope isn't buying it via Twitter
  • Stephen Hawking is suggesting a different mode of travel to get earthlings off the planet: Light. Raw Story
  • Quantum monkey-wrench. Revisiting the old Origin of the Universe math. “We tried to do the calculation more rigorously and obtained this different solution,” Job Feldbrugge, a resident PhD student at the Perimeter Institute, told Gizmodo. "This theory we use sheds some new light on this existing idea and shows that it might not work the way [we] expected it to work.”
  • 9/24/17 - CBS and the Star Trek next installment: Discovery 
  • Animals don't get lost science challenge. Still trying to figure out why  NewYorker 
  • Giant Squid hijacks paddle board. Digg 
  • ET Chuckle - Distracted Aliens/Facebook Cartoon "off the mark comic 

New health and healing practices are challenging old belief systems. Often referred to as a Medical Intuitive, Patti Conklin prefers her ability to be classified as a Vibrational Manipulator. Here is an introduction. She knew her role in life at age 7 - after a visit from God.

More information from Patti in this video, explaining her unusual vision ability and how she sees energy form in the body. YouTube

Is she Psychic? No. However, her abilities and IQ register at a Genius level. Amazing/YouTube 

I interviewed Patti a few years ago for her book God Within: The Day God's Train Stopped.

Read an excerpt at Wisdom Magazine. On death and dying. That book describes also, her belief regarding vibrational healing and how our choice of words can impact the physical body in such a way that will produce healing and or harmful long-term effects in our energy field. It's the frequency that connects all and one. (Wiki/Panpsychism: Consciousness is present in all things)

Energy flows. Finding a way to channel that energy and direct it to work in our best interest. That's the challenge. When intentioned and incorporated for use as a facilitating tool, your words can harness that energy to engage a complimentary frequency, empowering healing. Patti's unique sight sees the energy behind those words.

Patti Conklin interview/Empower Radio. Our most recent interview: Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives.

From Patti's Blog: Becoming Unconditional. Regarding the ability to be at peace. "No matter what you believe, as long as you believe it to the tips of your toes you will be at peace."  Link.

In the interviews - both shows, Empower and KCMO, we address the unique symbol that has to do with luggage or travel. What it means when Patti sees a person with a suitcase alongside them. Check out time.

Additional News and UPdates 

  • New LIFE Explained Vlog from Hans Wilhelm. "Have you ever wondered if our fate is written in the stars? What is the ancient connection between our life on Earth and the cosmos? YouTube/LIFEExplained
*Our interview is in the Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives: Hans Wilhelm and LIFE Explained 
Note the issue of Karma in that vlog. I recently interviewed Russell Brinegar who says that was an option in his return. Interview.

*One well known Scientist who reported multiple NDEs and interactions with Guardian Angels said he was given a choice to go or stay and repair his Karma and Karma others had taken on because of him. Consciousness explorer John Lilly left a legacy of extraordinary insight into the workings of the mind. Interview:Mavericks of the Mind. Intro Book: John Lilly, So Far.  Known for his groundbreaking research on Dolphins, Isolation Tanks and Mind Programming. Resource for more information on Lilly and others like him.

Current Dolphin research: m2c2Blog 
About a current 6/25/17 study that incorporates an 8ft. underwater touch screen: UPI 
Echo Location interaction: BBC

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