Jun 20, 2017

6/18/17 - Russell Brinegar, Overlords of the Singularity - Connecting UFOs, Paranormal and the Supernatural

"It's all real. Adjust your focus and the fun begins." - Talking to Nightlights II - in draft mode 

Catching up - power was out for 40 hours when the storms blew through KC over the weekend. Might have helped trigger this episode. 
MindShift - Woke up staring at an eyeball - looking into my eye, blinking - human like but no imperfections - different color than my eye. Stayed with it but couldn't get the face. A 'Here's looking at you kid' kinda moment!! Good morning Wow! Gotta work on the book! #Perspective - wendy

Collected links - odds n ends - 

  • Asgardia or bust! CNN -" Going forward, the Asgardia team hopes to create habitable platforms in low-earth orbits - the first 100 to 200 miles (161 to 321 kilometers) from space, which is also where the ISS is located.The first human flight to this location is projected to take place in eight years' time." Man behind the project: Igor Ashurbeyli 
  • Next best thing to being far out: Roadside America tip on an out of this world eatery: Fargo, North Dakota - Space Aliens Bar 
  • Camping in the Tonto National Forest? Declassified US (UFO/Alien) Forest Service Reports might be cause for extra campfire spooky. Mysterious Universe 
  • The idea of a Conscious Universe - Panpsychism - is receiving increased interest from the scientific community, NBC.  Suggesting this may be a continuing trend and a growing shift in world views. As evidenced by this TED Talk and this piece in Scientific American 2015: Is Consciousness Universal? 
  • Mashable - Louie the Lobster free at last! Time served: 20 years as an added attraction at a restaurant where other lobsters...weren't. Customer offered a thousand dollars to dine - on Louie the owner decided Louie needed to return to life under the sea. Peter's Clam Bar video/Fox5NY. Long live Louie: estimated to be about 132.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Russell Brinegar. It started with a NDE that takes the life experience to an entirely new level. Russell says, rather than going to the light or having some kind of life review, he had an encounter. He met a few people he recognized (all of whom were still alive) and that group included him.

He met face-to-face with his transcended self, an encounter triggered a domino effect in life changes. No more waffling on the relationship front. He married his estranged girlfriend. One who also put in an NDE cameo. He then dived into reading, searching, exploring, investigating, questioning.

Now an Author, read the result: Overlords of the Singularity: The Manipulation of Humankind by Hidden UFO Intelligences and the Quest for Transcendence.

Free to read on Kindle Unlimited
One of the most important after effects, Russell says the NDE removed the fear of death.

The certainty in knowing existence continued even without form changed his view of living.

Curiosity flowed. He decided there were some things
he wanted to tidy up, relationships he could repair
if that was now possible.

Remaining instead of going offered a refreshed start.  

Connect with Russell:
Overlords of the Singularity group on Facebook

About the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Intelligence: FREE. Working directly with Experiencers of Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, FREE will continue to support all “Experiencers” through the FREE “Peer to Peer Support Program” and other support services detailed at FREE website.

What results do FREE studies show? "The Quantum Holographic Theory of Consciousness, as articulated by FREE co-founder, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, suggests that we live in a multi-dimensional reality and within this construct, humans are having contact with NHI in multiple formats, or “contact modalities” (e.g., UFO related contact and contact via NDEs, OBEs, hallucinogenic substances, mystical meditation travel, channeling, remote viewing, sightings of spirits/ghosts and orbs, and other reported human encounters with NHI). Read more: link.

I'll be interviewing Rey Hernandez about the results thus far on the FREE studies in August. 8/27/17 on Wendy's Coffeehouse. Take the Survey.

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