May 5, 2017

SciX Friday - Heads Up! and a ripe bunch of misc...

"Action without study is fatal. Study without action is futile." -Forbes Quote of the Day 5/5/17, Mary Ritter Beard/

Not so random links and inspiration -   

  • Real and Unreal? Head Transplant. Doctor on board. Volunteer Human patient ready. Did not watch and not going to post here, videos of the animals who have been subjected to this procedure. Chinese Media following at CCTV 
  • Furthermore, Gizmodo reports on the Doc's "to do" list: Re-implant frozen brains in Human bodies. Ethics? More Bio and Background on the Doctor at OOOM 
  • Ghost Busted - Little girl seen on trail cam is exactly what she seems; she's a real little girl and not (Gosh darn it!) a ghost. USA Today 
  • Shortly after this interview, NPR and a lot of worry over what happened to Nessie, a sighting has resolved the issue. Nessie is back in action with the first official sighting in 8 months. Announced to the Nessie faithful at Lock Ness Sightings.  Follow Nessie tracker, Gary Campbell, on Twitter. 
  • Note to follow: 1/Queen of Twitter, JKRowling and 2/Not the Queen but a good facsimile and 3/King of Twitter, AKA Stephen 
  • Headlines aren't scary enough, so Stephen Hawking weighs in with a dire warning to vacate/evolve beyond the planet within a hundred years or die (become extinct). Actually, a positive outlook in assuming we will indeed have a planet to shove off from in a hundred years time. CNBC 
  • Ridley Scott says Aliens are out there and if/when we meet them - we're dead. Indiewire
    Latest film: Covenant./YouTubeTrailer
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Somewhere a silver lining is tucked away, waiting for a cue... Til then, the Earth Plot for Humanity continues to thicken. The daily newsfeed bursts with dire planetary warnings and headlines screaming missteps unforeseen, suggesting a convoluted past story line is replaying on our present timeline.

Plucky mantra trial balloon floating here: "By Grabthar's Hammer, you shall be avenged." - Galaxy Quest. Thanks for the grins Alan Rickman. Forbes  PS: JK Rowling apologizes (finally) for killing Severus Snape. Independent

At the far end of our Universe, on distant shores known to host the Avatars of our dimension, the clouds are clearing. Silver lining found: Language of Dolphins could be translated by 2021. Futurism

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