May 19, 2017

Arrivals, Returns, Departures, Long Goodbyes and long overdue ESP WTF!

"I never give up on anything, because you come back around, and suddenly the thing you thought you'd never do is relevant." - Joss Whedon

Odds, ends and otherwise --
  • What happens when the skeptics step out of the equation? PSI works."Daryl Bem had seemed to prove that time can flow in two directions—that ESP is real. But for most observers, at least the mainstream ones, the paper posed a very difficult dilemma. It was both methodologically sound and logically insane." Slate
  • Case in point/A dream come true - Her Daughter dreamed about winning lottery numbers in January and she played those numbers a few times. Paid off in May: 1 million dollars. AOL 
  • Spicey hit the streets and the outtakes were gold ... SNL 
  • RBB&B Circus fades into the mystery of timelines past. BBC 
  • End of the Greatest Show on Earth after 146 years, there will be tears. NYTimes 
  • Mr. Biggles needs a home. Props to his publicist for truth and BadAss advertising. HuffPost
Aliens in the Mist ... and the return of The Kelly Family ... blast from the past ...

The Kelly Family is back. First show sold out in 18 minutes. Two more shows were added and ... the odds for going on a tour are looking very good at this point. - DW

*Did you see the Owl in the video? Mike Clelland on Owls and ETs, The Messengers
  Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Mike Clelland  


5/21 - Michael Grosso - The Man Who Could Fly
5/28 - Lance Mungia - Psychic Spies in the CIA - Documentary: Third Eye Spies
6/4 - Stanley Krippner Ph.D. - The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder
6/11 - Blynne Olivieri - Ingo Swann Collection, Ingram Library UWG 
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6/18 - Russell Brinegar - Overlords of the Singularity. NDE/Non-fiction UFO and Paranormal.
6/25 - Patti Conklin - Medical Intuitive Healer. The Day God's Train Stopped
7/2 - Garnet Schulhauser has a fantastic story about connecting with his Spirit Guide Albert who appeared in physical form and then proceeded to take him on an incredible journey.
7/9 - Wendie Colter - Medical Intuitive, Master Healer. The Practical Path
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