Apr 17, 2017

Masking unknowns and revealing clues

“If you appreciate, perpetuate and explore your own dreams, then you'll know that dream isn't a one-way communication.” - Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut 


The newest podcast with Nick Redfern is at Wendy's Coffeehouse/ 365 Days of UFOs and it's more than UFOs. There are quite a few stories that include Men and Women in Black, ETs and Shapeshifters, Orbs, Bigfoot and otherwise anomalous are all part of the scene.


Question your knowns. Reality is fluid, manifest in symbols, signs, numbers and code. Divination is a matter of experimentation and attention to detail. What speaks to you; subtle, loud, concrete, abstract?

4/16/17 - Coffee Divination - Old Man in the Woods: Owl

Talking to Nightlights - The Energy

Answers and communications can sometimes appear hidden in plain view.

However, with a bit of focus and effort you can identify them. Open your mind. Imagine expanded knowing and know more.

Allow the reveal to adopt a form.

An "Old Man in the Woods" - The recent answer I was told to give if anyone asked where my guidance comes from.

(I feel this energy differently, a Jester has entered the scene.)

Obligingly, I did exactly as directed and pictured a human form, wondering how I could know him if he appeared. Then I left my coffee cup out as I have done in the past when asking for another interpretation or aspect to assist with divination. And it appeared.

In the coffee cup, the milk formed a design with a flowing white beard to project what I might have expected. I planned to take a picture but when I moved the cup the design shifted and a new reveal appeared.

More fitting than the first, this image. Aligned with Totem Animal interpretations this image plays by all the rules. Wisdom and knowing. Abilities to see things that are hidden. A forest dweller. School books have many versions of this one, usually wearing glasses. The wise, old owl.

Insight takes many forms. Choose your own code and adapt that method of reading signs. Each has his own unique recipe. When you learn your signs other forms are interesting but don't have the personal quality, merit or weight.

More importantly, they don't engage your specific guides. Do your own homework if you truly wish to appreciate the benefits and advantages of self-knowing.

The image of the old man in my cup changed form, revealing a shapeshifter who looks like a man but has the wisdom of the Owl. Or it might be the reverse.

Who is the Owl?

The Owl is Who.

Who? Who? Who?

A riddle and a sense of humor. I do have my own interpretation for such a message for me at this time. And that's the way the mystery ropes us in. Puzzles, challenges, curiosities. Never-ending knowing.

The path is wide open. Anticipate learning curves and you will enhance your progress.

Mike Clelland has his own view of Owls: Hidden Experience Blog. He has done a tremendous job researching and compiling stories of Owls, ETs and synchronicity: The Messengers

Our interview: Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview/Mike Clelland

For me, the Owl is a strong Shamanic element, designed to cue the time for work in guessing and or assessing. Owl is a teacher and a friend. To each an answer and a question and a stepping stone in remembering to seek out support and inner knowing, to call for discernment and vetting from one's unique and personal guideposts on the path. 

Known and unknown. Tomorrow the tables will turn again.

The Nightlights have now been replaced at the house and at the cabin. Curious, as I plugged it in to return it to active duty, would the light begin to blink or would it require a down-time to adjust? I wondered if I would see the resident ghost as well.

Sometime during the night Jack needed to go outside. I stepped out with him to look at the stars and Jack ran back around the corner to return inside. At that moment, across the porch from me, the motion light lit up the front door. No wind and nothing to see.

While we played dominoes, the table light turned off for a few seconds and then came on again. Then it went off and remained off. Replacing the bulb worked. But, having been through this charade more than a few times, we returned the original bulb, reinserted the plug and the light stayed on.

The nightlight blinked. Once, for Andy. Comedy everywhere. 

What message the Owl? Seeing is relative. Sensing is the active role. The ghost is still in residence, the light is working, questions remain and all is well.

One more connecting dot. What book am I reading? The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder: As Experienced by Alberto Villoldo, John Perry Barlow, Larry Dossey, and Others.

A Ghost and a Guest... and a Nightlight.