Apr 10, 2017

Gary Wimmer, 4/9/17 - A Second in Eternity (NDE)

"Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come." - Rabindranath Tagore

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast Archives - 4/9/17 Psychic Gary Wimmer

Odds, ends and otherwise -
  • Thousands of years of First Nations oral history validated by science. Archeologists have dated artifacts at a dig in British Columbia at 13,000 to 14,000 years old. Coast Mountain News 
  • Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix and credits Keanu Reeves with having a better take on how to present that character. Mental Floss  However, this is what it might have been if he had taken the role. HuffPost/YouTube 
  • Oh, and here's Will's Bungee jump at Victoria Falls. Insane. HuffPost 
  • Vanished, a UFO enthusiast who left behind 14 unpublished 'encrypted' manuscripts and walls covered with symbols and code. Daily Mail In his room, a statue of the Italian Philosopher Giordano Bruno, who predicted things that made the church very uncomfortable, including: Aliens and, depending on how one interprets the 'multiplicity of worlds' meaning, the Multiverse. Britannica 
  • Woman needs Bee hive removal and insists no Bees are harmed. Somehow the hive gets dropped and lands on her head. They didn't sting her. They did sting the guy doing the removing. At least three bees dinged him for being clumsy. UPI  
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The back story to Gary Wimmer's NDE is fascinating. He started experiencing PSI overload. Confused and completely overwhelmed, he asked for it to stop. The Monitors, as he calls them asked, "Do you trust us?" ...

Gary replied that he did. That's when the car slammed into him. We recap some of the story in the interview but this is a fuller version, in greater detail.

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Aftereffects of an NDE can include expanded awareness and increased psychic abilities. However, just prior to the NDE, Gary had experienced an extreme overwhelm of PSI abilities and says he was almost incapacitated by it. He couldn't figure out how to make it stop. After his NDE, he regained control and the overwhelm ceased.

Prophetic information Gary said he was given some 40 years ago during his NDE is just now coming to pass, including climate change and the impact on the US.

I asked about Kansas. He said we're in the clear. Trouble spots will be on the coastal areas. And we're seeing that now. This is a very brief mention. Gary details that information and so much more about his experience in his book, A Second in Eternity.

A life-long Psychic, after the NDE, he shifted his reading style to incorporate Lithomancy. That practice is one he credits to (now deceased) Psychic Alice Worrall. Gary says he begged Alice to continue to work with him after she transitioned and she agreed. They continue to connect.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast Archives - 4/9/17 Psychic Gary Wimmer

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