Mar 27, 2017

Contactee Krsanna Duran, UFO Initiation: Ultraterrestrial Time Travelers ... and Bigfoot

"There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know." - Donald Rumsfeld

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast 3/26/17 - Krsanna Duran, UFO Initiation, Time Travelers and Bigfoot

Odds, ends and otherwise interesting -
  • Extinction dodger? Tasmanian tiger sighting locations are being kept secret. Researchers are trying to determine if they are legit. The Independent 
  • 'Bye-bye body, Hello Machine' could happen in a decade. Billionaire funding of the research taking Humans on the path to Borg World is on fast track at a research facility in California. The Guardian 
  • The Scientist working on immortality: Maria Konovalenko. Unlimited 
  • Matrix Reboot said to be more like a Morpheus introduction. Buzz continues. Cinemablend 
  • Final Trailer out for Ghost in the Shell: Forbes - extended version in a prior post.
  • Cure for Aging - Human trials next. Scientists can now effect DNA repair in mice. Time 
  • Car crash blamed on Bigfoot - the woman continued driving and then reported the incident. Makes sense given the possibility of a closer encounter while alone along a deserted roadside late at night waiting for an assist. East Idaho News 
  • Miracle/Heroic effort saves a pet pulled from a fire. 20 minutes of continued effort revived the little dog named Marley. Luckily, a portrait photographer filmed the entire scene. Hero Firefighter Andrew Klein has the admiration and respect of an entirely new audience now - but his biggest fan might be Marley's Mom. The Dodo 
  • Expanded report of how the Firefighter rushed into the building to find the dog. ABC News 
  • Facebook page for Santa Monica Fire Department
Auditions for the new voice of Stephen Hawking? See who made the cut -

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How it began. Contact experiencer Krsanna Duran had her first sighting/experience in Oklahoma as a teenager. She remembers being taken up, via a shaft of light, into a craft and speaking with a man, a very human looking being, and then hearing him say, "We're taking you with us."

That's the point where she protested and said, "NO". She told him her family would miss her and she couldn't go. She was then dropped off nearby and left to figure out what happened.

Skip years ahead to where she has been in telepathic contact with others similar to that original connection and learns she and another contactee are getting the same information.

We are introduced to Ida Kannenberg. In her book, UFO Initiation, Ultraterrestrial Time Travelers Introduction, Ida says she remembers the year 1940 and the night of her first contact experience. She titles that episode: Night of the Flaming Moon.
Original Humans and Bigfoot?
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We also talk about the link between UFO sightings and Bigfoot, a common theme. What's up with that?

Krsanna monitors earthquakes: TimeStar Earth and other activities at her website: AllStarRoundup

Listen via Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives: UFO, Contact Experiencer, Krsanna Duran 3/26/17

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