Mar 20, 2017

Stan Seba/Nancy DeSousa, Kansas MUFON and a photo mystery: mine

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*My favorite book (one of) What Do You Care? Feynman valued openness in scientific thought: LATimes and NewYorkTimes

Podcast available - Wendy's Coffeehouse 3/19/17 - Stan and Nancy and Kansas MUFON

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Good in Theory- or not...Time Travel attempts to correct history. Quirks to avoid ...

Wendy's Coffeehouse 3/19/17 - Stan Seba and Nancy DeSousa/ Kansas MUFON - Sightings are up for the year. Apparently Cryptids are increasingly part of the mix.

Stan opens with a description provided from a recent sighting that certainly falls outside the norm of UFO reports. Nancy and Stan are now doing a weekly show on KGRA. Details. Tune in there for more updates on the Kansas and MUFON sightings in general.

Nancy says she became a MUFON investigator after a sighting at Wyandotte County Lake. Having been there several times to walk the dogs, I had a good picture of the scene she described. 

In regard to the picture I sent to Stan of an object sighted above my house in 2014, he needs the actual pic from the file. So that's in the works and I'll update when his expert has a determination.

Aside from other unique circumstantial details that implied there might be more to the display than the visual presence, it didn't look too out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary was the fact the star appeared during daytime hours and remained in place for a few hours. Here's the blog post that describes the event.

Extra - Famous people known to have had UFO encounters include Cat Stevens who wrote a song about his: House of Freezing Steel

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