Feb 5, 2017

Hans Wilhelm, Life Explained - and illustrated

"So you see! There's no end to the thing you might know, depending how far beyond Zebra you go."  - Dr. Seuss

Outlining the highs and lows of the Life Journey: Life Explained with Hans Wilhelm 2/5/17 on Wendy's Coffeehouse/Podcast

News notables - offbeat and otherwise -  
  • Moon Holiday - $$$ for a 2 day trip. Target implementation date: 2026 Daily Mail
  • Parallel Universes are real. Brian Greene:Ted Imagine meeting the other you. Some say that could happen. Relatively soon: Physicist Wordpress
  •  Still time to make the Hawaii Ukulele Picnic: LA Times 
  • Ripples from Uri Geller CIA disclosure. Check out the BBC Documentary on Uri and read his books on his website. Password included on site. UriGeller.com
  • Superbowl Weekend media coup - Melissa McCarthy owns the SNL wicked double-volley open - ABCnews
    • ADD a Superbowl Commercial TKO - Melissa McCarthy/KIA. Eco Warriors everywhere say Her - Ahhh! KiaYouTube  
  • Facebook NewsFeed Nugget - Unexplained and very real. Angels come in all forms. This one happened to be a Deer. Latricia Thomas tells the story of an incredible encounter between her Father and a Deer in the hours before he died. She also includes photos. TV Fan Page Link

SciFi - award winner: Hum. 

Hans Wilhelm is, first and foremost, a prolific Children's Author/Illustrator, Artist: Bio

Over 200 books to his credit, the latest is a delightful and timely collaboration with Byron Katie revisiting Henny Penny and addressing the challenging issue of  anxiety: The Four Questions 
The two also created a set of Wisdom Cards. Google

When I discovered his dynamite Vlog on YouTube: LifeExplained, I knew I wanted to talk more with him about his work and his inspiration.

He credits his Dad for inspiring him to seek out and present his information to a wider audience and says a connection via a medium affirmed the conversation he had with his father as he was dying was very much appreciated. Details in our interview. Podcast Link

Hans says the Vlog on Suicide is one of the most watched. I asked him to share his thoughts on some of the unanticipated complexities a body/soul can experience with an Organ Transplant.

He refers to Eben Alexander in that Video - we don't have time to relate that in the show.
Wendy's Coffeehouse/Eben Alexander-Proof of Heaven/Podcast.

We also don't have time to address the book about a woman who had a personality change after a heart transplant. Her book: A Change of Heart/on Amazon

Other topics include:
1/Guardian Angels  
2/Why 'The Secret' didn't Work
3/How Karma Works

Hans has a great sense of humor. Featured on Tedx: Hans Wilhelm on Boredom

If you missed the show, Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcasts are archived on AudioBoom: Link. Each show posts after we do the live show on Talk Radio KCMO. Post times vary.