Feb 27, 2017

Edd Edwards and Richard Gordon/Quantum Touch Healing - Energy Medicine

“Surgeons can cut out everything except cause.” - Herbert M. Shelton

Podcast/Wendy's Coffeehouse 2/26/17 - Edd Edwards and Richard Gordon  

Energy is the focus of this show. With two presenters, we explore very unique and complimentary approaches to self- healing by tapping into and engaging personal energy resources to improve health. Edd cameos in the first segment and Richard joins and stays with me for the rest of the show. 

Random notes: interesting, odd, offbeat and otherwise --
  • UFO Sightings are at an all-time high. USA, apparently an ET magnet. ETs have cautioned against two things: War and destroying the environment. The buck stops where? Metro
    • Share your story or look one up in the database: MUFON
  • His presentation set, this Teacher is hoping to make a good impression on the first day of class. Audit at no charge or be a chum, just peek in the door. Behavior Training 101/MissCellaniablog
  • Flattery: Dogs are pushovers. Cats, not so much. Love it vs. Over it/TheChive
  • Acoustic cover of Comfortably Numb previewed during the show - Laughing Squid

Setting the tone, I spoke with Edd Edwards. He's been playing with energy since he was a kid and is still discovering new abilities. In the first 10 minutes he gave us a quick demo of the work he does that helps create an energy shift and boost. 

Video demo with Edd - I shared this on Facebook and one friend said he watched it twice then did the exercise at the end and felt himself "leaning all over the place." The first time I spoke with Edd via phone, he offered a demonstration. I felt the energy immediately. That said, your results may vary. :) 

Richard Gordon is also a powerful practitioner of Energy Medicine. Author of Quantum Touch, The Power to Heal - Amazon

"For energy medicine practitioners, Quantum-Touch amplifies the effects of Reiki and other hands-on-healing techniques. For the layman, Quantum-Touch empowers the individual to tap into the innate healing abilities we all possess." - Ellen DiNucci, M.A. Project Coordinator, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program at Stanford

Energy Exercise with Wine: Richard explains how to improve or intensify flavor by charging the liquid with energy. He also reveals a mishap when one of his younger students tried the process with his brother's Gatorade. It boosted the chemical flavor. His brother thought he had played a very bad trick (he explains that too) and was mad because it ruined the Gatorade.

Richard had just done a new experiment on the day of our interview and was excited about the results. His next book, The Secret Nature of Matter, is due out in June and that will include new information on how to charge items with energy. He says the results are already very impressive and some of that information is on the website, along with a pendant he says is an example of that process. QuantumTouch.com

Richard says he believes the energizing factor for the pendant is a product of quantum entanglement.

Catch up on Richard's work before the next book comes out. Reviews are glowing. When the side effects might include improved health it's worth exploring.

Richard on Self-Created Health YouTube

Demonstration on a patient with knee pain YouTube

"Quantum-Touch is easy to learn, has a significant impact on the body's energy system and can make profound shifts in people's lives." - Dr. Leonard Laskow, M.D.

Additional endorsements for Richard Gordon and Quantum Touch: QuantumTouch


And for another example of how effective energy work can be I am including Donna Eden. Details on her story and background: InnerSource

A recent post, she calls this the 7-minute Exercise to Domino Effect your Healing energy and it works! Her book Energy Medicine is a classic.

Interested in more of what Donna has to say? The 9th Annual Tapping World Summit (Blog) is underway. Her presentation will be available on 3/6/17. Details/Innersource.net