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Feb 14, 2017

2/12/17 - Psychic Sasquatch, Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” - Dr. Seuss

A Valentine!

Newest Podcast: Wendy's Coffeehouse 2/12/17 Psychic Sasquatch with Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis, Talk Radio KCMO archives on AudioBoom

Notes: odds, ends and curious
  • Milkomedia preview. Trippy night sky. MSN
  • Super cool vid of rare, blue, jet lightening filmed from ISS. Engadget
  • Has James Cameron found Atlantis? IndieWire  Extra on James Cameron. He talks about Avatar 2, says he's just finished the script for Avatar 5.  DailyBeast
  • UFO? Still pondering white dot aloft in tornado that also hit a NASA facility in LA. UFOSightings
  • Winter Park UFO sighting devolves into shiny tin foil hat moment. UFOSightings
  • UFO Sightings: Soviet Cosmonauts have seen them too. FateMagazine
  • Yodel Viral moment: Chicken Attack. Thanks to Mashable for flagging the video. Background on Takeo Ischi: Wiki - obviously the Chicken Yodel King
  • Nessie 2-fer - two sightings on the same day. Unbelievable. TheScottishSun
  • Lego Batman - For the kid in everyone: not a bad review in sight. LegoBatman
  • Prickly little clay monster - restored to full Hedgehog glory. TheDodo

Is Sasquatch/Bigfoot an Interdimensional being? If so, that might explain a lot. Also might be why Sasquatch sightings are so fleeting. But there are a couple more aspects of interest just now coming to light.

Many who have shared their stories about encounters also report a telepathic connection and some also include a UFO encounter. And that's what makes Kewaunee's story so compelling. He says his very first encounter in 1979 included both an ET and a Sasquatch.

Kewaunee's wife Kelly has had her own experiences with Sasquatch. And their 6 year old son saw one too. That story is in our interview on Wendy's Coffeehouse.

Curious? Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis answer questions in this video from 2015 -

As he says in the interview, Kewaunee has been researching and presenting his information for 60 years. Both websites offer information and resources for further exploration and for upcoming events.

In reference to the next book in progress mentioned in the show, I'll be interviewing them again.
Here is my first interview with Kewaunee,
earlier in 2017 on (no charge for any of the interviews)
Image provided by Kelly Lapseritis
Conscious Living/Empower Radio.

Connect with Kewaunee and Kelly

The Sasquatch People
Psychic Sasquatch

Facebook - Sasquatch People


Ardy Sixkiller Clarke also refers
to Sky People and Bigfoot
in her work: Sixkiller

- Conscious Living/More Encounters w/Star People

Nick Redfern addresses Bigfoot and ET sightings as well: Nick'sBlog

- Conscious Living Interview/The Real Men in Black

Krsanna Duran writes about Sasquatch and ETs. I have been reading the books she published by Ida Kannenburg. Background on Ida, an abductee in the 1940s. UFOexperiencesBlog. Ida's Books are available on Amazon too: Bigfoot and Human Ancestors. Mike Clelland has another post on Ida. Hidden Experience.

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