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Dec 31, 2016

Holiday Hiatus + a few irresistible odd newsbites

"And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been." - Rainer Maria Rilke/Wiki

Parting shot 2016 - what stands out? Odd news of course. So here goes, (w)Ringing in/out the - OddNewQuirkyCuriousUnknown - and capping off the year past:
  • Priorities - Final days of Starbucks (Free) Coffee Cheer (thru Jan 2) locations change daily. My location actually came up earlier this week. :) Link Good Luck!
  • Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives - 24/7 audioBoom (Avoid holiday hiatus withdrawl.)
  • UFO Mother ship and Black Helicopters Inquisitr
    • Sightings up 30% over last year. UFOStalker
      • Triangle UFO sightings reported in multiple locations. itechpost
  • (Local ties)Candy Man cool: Paul Rudd sweeeet! USAToday
  • Results now available - Immortality Project - follow the link.
  • China hails Year of the Rooster. Center stage, giant chicken BBC, a follow up to the previous viral nugget: a golden pheasant Link  *FYI: "According to the Chinese zodiac, Donald Trump is a "dog", characterised as loyal, honest and suited to politics, though stubborn and prone to seeing the world as hostile."
  • If called to testify, will the Parrot rat out the killer? Advantage talking pets. NBC
  • DIY Santa: Sleeping mom's fingerprint buys Pokemon mother-lode. USAToday
  • New Year's Eve Comet alert - near the moon. Grab the binoculars. CNN
  • Carrie Fisher's Dog will continue to tweet (Account suspended/Gary theDog
  • Twitter Account - approved by fam: @RealGaryFisher

Hope and Best wishes for a fantastic 2017 -- Change is upon us -- a challenge we are born for -- one we greet every year and every day. Insight forward

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  • Fond farewell to those who sailed, soared, captivated, intrigued, inspired and upgraded.
    The list: Vox
Magic, Mystery, Wonder, Epiphany, Challenge, Fantasy, Curiosity, Illumination, Revelation: the best is still and already here and now ever-present. 

Expand your wonder. Permission granted: Free to see. Awakened. Ever Curious

C-ya on the flip side. Game on 2017!