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Dec 3, 2016

12/3/16 Georgina Cannon - Past Lives and The Third Circle Protocol

“You’re an old soul, Ava...” he’d begun, his voice tired.
“God, Dad... Let’s not do this now, please...”
“It’s true. You are. But that means you have to choose your life… not just react to it.”
  - Danika Stone, Intaglio: The Snake and the Coins

Podcast link 12/3/16 Wendy's Coffeehouse - Past Lives with Georgina Cannon.

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We touched on past lives in the show with Kip and Tom on The Atlantean Chronicles. To continue with that, this interview features Georgina Cannon, known for her Past Life Regression work.

Her newest book is The Third Circle Protocol: how to relate to yourself and others in a healthy, vibrant and evolving way, always and all-ways is due out this month. Available 12/13/16.

Avail: Google Books
Endorsement - The Third Circle speaks the truth. One plus one equals three. The third entity is the relationship which two people create. My wife calls marriage a struggle and Joseph Campbell called it an ordeal because they understand the effort that goes into creating the third circle.

The Third Circle can show you the way to create a healthy relationship and be your life coach. - Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author of the Art of Healing and 365 Prescriptions for the Soul

Since this is my first chance to talk with Georgina, I wanted to cover some of her earlier work and books.

We talk about soul mates, (romantic and otherwise) past lives and life between lives, mentioned in an earlier book. Return Again. She met Shirley MacLaine in 2004 and since then has joined Shirley on her show and sits in as guest host on occasion. Awaken.com

She talks about an unusual case near the end of the show. The client had no memory of her life before a certain age. The way Georgina helped the woman reconnect her past is quite amazing.  

Connect with Georgina at GeorginaCannon.com and on Facebook

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