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Nov 13, 2016

Eben Alexander - The Map of Heaven and Proof of Heaven - the NDE that changed everything

“Who would then deny that when I am sipping tea in my tearoom I am swallowing the whole universe with it and that this very moment of my lifting the bowl to my lips is eternity itself transcending time and space?” - D.T. Suzuki, Zen and Japanese Culture

Wendy's Coffeehouse - with Eben Alexander 11/12/16 Podcast

OddsnEnds - 

Eben Alexander legitimized the NDE experience when he went public with his story and that story continues to evolve.  Interview - Wendy's Coffeehouse - with Eben Alexander 11/12/16
Map of Heaven

Over the years, I have explored many of the hundreds of NDE stories on this site: NDERF.

There is a major difference between those experiences and this one: During the time of his event, Dr. Eben Alexander was hooked up to clusters of tubes and medical instruments that monitored every bodily function and non-function.

During his NDE, his body was diligently mapping the story while the mind and consciousness were engaged elsewhere.

Even more important to his experience is a detail that offers more insight. As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Alexander didn't believe in such things.

Shortly after I interviewed Eben Alexander on his first book, Proof of Heaven (Conscious Living/Empower Radio 2012), he appeared on Oprah and then took some major heat from a writer who tried, unsuccessfully, to discredit him. Details here: IANDS.

Although not the intent, that article, when analyzed and vetted, corroborated and added credence to Eben's story. 

Still enthusiastic and driven to share the details and encourage any who have doubt about an afterlife to be open to exploring their own knowing and if possible, expand that knowing through meditation.

Music is a key element in his effort to enable that expansion process. He heard music during his NDE and is now incorporating a type of sound designed to enhance the meditation and relaxation state. He recommends Sacred Acoustics.

Meet Dr. Alexander - video presentation on YouTube


Transformed by death. Living became much fuller and more purposeful. This newest book: Map of Heaven offers a bit of science of consciousness and stories others have shared with him.

For his story, read the first book: Proof of Heaven or view the recap of the NDE on his site: My Experience in Coma.

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