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Oct 19, 2016

The waiting game ... Up in the Air

Update -- Here's the Podcast link for Richard and Cami - and The Haunting of Asylum 49
Unlike the past shows in the archives, the audio quality is poor for this show. At some points, it even sounds like voices in the mix. Warts and all - this is the show with real Ghosts in the Machine.

The perfect mantra for Quantum Wave Surfers and Supernatural Enthusiasts alike.

 "Don't Panic."

And there's a book. All about Douglas Adams of course.

In response to the one inquiry. And to countless others who delayed in hopes of not calling attention to the fact they are engaging in a guilty pleasure. I have a call in to the powers-that-behind-the-scenes-be at KCMO Radio see what's up with the most recent Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast.

As already mentioned, there were a slew of unexpected tech issues with the show on Saturday - The Haunting of Asylum 49 (Blog post) Go figure.

Interestingly enough, the commercials that did play were the most recent and could be added manually with little trouble. The problem is those that had been scheduled got bumped and the format issues for anything else were station promos rather than show specific. Whew!

Curious thing about this kind of mechanical trip up. In doing my podcast for the past 6 years with Empower Radio (Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett), my producers have noticed a continuing trend that shows focusing on Ghosts, Mediums or talking about the potential for electrical interference often results in technical problems and glitches in the audio or even disconnecting the feed.

it is...what it is...
A surprise? Not really. Interesting? Yes. While there may indeed be some very concrete mechanical issues that train-wrecked the commercial programming for Saturday's show, the upshot is the show was derailed and, subsequently, it makes waiting for the podcast download to appear a tad more suspenseful.

Did the podcast capture anything unusual? Did the stream skimmer fail?

Just like you, I am waiting. And I would like to hear this one again to see if I missed anything in my line of questioning, other than the sidestep of following up with what's in room 666?

While we are waiting we can peruse/revisit the Tarot ... and contemplate on The Hanged Man ...

  • Learning the Tarot. The course is free online: Here
- or see the viral hit pic of the week -
On the show tonight - the one that runs at 9pm each night on Empower Radio - I talk about the show with Richard and Cami about The Haunting of Asylum 49 and the behind the scenes chaos.

I also talk about what happens when a ghost tries to get your attention by spending a minute or two in your body. Yes, it happened to me. Part of the learning PSI curve. Curious world it is.

This is the link for the shows Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett on Empower Radio. Six years of shows in the archives. A whole lot of curious is included in the mix.