Oct 15, 2016

10/15/2016 - The Haunting of Asylum 49 - Richard Estep/Cami Anderson

"We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows." - Robert Frost

  • Winchester Mystery House new - a secret room (video) includes a pump organ and sewing machine. Details. MNN
  • ET/UFO news: 1/Wikileaks Podesta/Clinton - inquiring minds find UFO stuff in a recent info dump  2/Iraq's Transportation Minister says some very interesting stuff, "airport built for aliens" 5,000 years ago. DailyMail
  • 25 unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls now available in two new books. NewHistorian
  • Fantastic race to create an Avatar: 22M prize. Results unveiled at the 2022 Annual Avatar Games. Details: Avatar XPrise   

Conquer the Goldfish
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Believe it or Not:
Goldfish swallows rock.
Operation removes rock. ($500)
Goldfish all better. CBS News

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  • Perfect for this show's theme of hospital hauntings. Nursing student in AZ says she snapped a pic to show her supervisor her finished work and discovered the outline of a boy appeared in the image. Fox10  Real and/or unreal, the sighting is coincidentally timely.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast/Asylum 49 - podcast link here is poor quality - a very good example of ghosts in the machine. 

Takes a unique personality to balance the quirky lifestyle of living with spirits and unexplained with a day job. Cami Anderson and her husband Kimm signed on for that challenge when they bought an old hospital in Utah with the intention of transforming it into a haunted house attraction.

The real deal.
Joined by Paranormal Investigator Richard Estep, who also manages that lifestyle balancing act, the stories about the haunts behind the manufactured spooky of Asylum 49 are the real deal and some are the stuff of real nightmares.

In promoting the show, I made sure to reference room 666 (facebook pic on Cami's page) and I tossed that out as "coming up" while interviewing Richard and Cami. However, the mechanical hi-jinx indicated a redirect.
Sassy enough already. 

An interesting side note: Kansas City is home to the oldest Haunted House Attraction in the US. In operation for over 4 decades and considered the Granddaddy of haunts, also noted for some questionable paranormal elements but not to the extent of Asylum 49. Check last week's Podcast with Margie Kay and Amber

Edge of Hell: "sits at 666 feet above sea level,  oldest running commercial haunted house in the U.S. est. 1975, focused on phobias, home to the record-breaking reticulated python." FullMoonProd 

Note all the interesting connecting dots throughout this segment and post and then follow up with the rest of the story. Read The Haunting of Asylum 49

From the sound of it, book two should be out about this time next year. Richard is going back with the team for Round Two this Halloween night. Suspect the ghosts are ramping up.

Road trip? Do your homework. Here's the Site: Asylum 49.

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Earth Sky Moon info
Just in time for the Ghost walk/dinner in Weston, MO (SoldOut) 

Backstory for today's show -

First things first, Ghosts and non-corporeals really don't bother with whether you believe. When they show up, count on a short list of electrical issues and computer/tech quirks, malfunctions. Know there will be inadvertent emotional discombobulation and then allow for an added dose of inexplicable. Game ON!

(Full Moon) Today - the ghosts in the machine took center stage. Scenes of the flotsam from behind the mic:
  1. Producer Mark indicated a problem with the audio and was trying to sort that out to activate and engage the channels for sound elements. Audio fired and it was garbled. (First time I have heard that in digital mode.) Old school, when we worked with carts, that garbled, sped up sound would have indicated tape burn or meltdown in the cart machine.
  2. Notably, much of the KCMO daily programming show promos were flushed as was the log.
  3. Commercial break entertainment began with Coffeehouse Promos for the next paranormal show (Campfire with Jim Harold) repeating back-to-back, four times.
  4. Sidelined Bernard Beitman/Coincidence promo returned to the lineup. (He's the one who says there is no such thing as coincidence.) Nice touch. Here's that show: Connecting with Coincidence. 
  5. In perfect timing, at the end of the news segment, the audio element that garbled and choked at the intro voluntarily performed with no problem.
  6. Producer Mark was not amused.
  7. And then, the dead air alarm kicked in for another station at about 6:50 and could not be addressed until 7:00. 
Chalk it up to operator error and/or some fantastically intricate, mechanically relevant/irrelevant engineering anomaly or b: Go with the flow and note the details in how it plays out.

End of Act One. Entirely amused and entertained with that portion of the show, no doubt the unseen cameo cast took a bow somewhere in the wings.

Even if I am the only one who is aware of the full extent of the circus behind the scenes, I do find it incredibly fascinating - that connecting of the paranormal dots. Bravo!! Now, on to the next show!