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Oct 1, 2016

10/1/16 Cynthia Sue Larson - RealityShifters

The Ancient One: "You think you know how the world works. What if I told you, the reality you know is one of many."
Dr. Strange: "This doesn't make any sense."
The Ancient One: "Not everything does. Not everything has to."

*Trailer and background for Dr. Strange at Den Of Geek.Com 

Headlines -
  • International Coffee Day! Excuse to plug Gilmore Girls. Eonline
  • NDE via tortilla chip. On the market today: Don't Fear the Reaper  Begging for mercy! Paqui Tortilla chips combined the Carolina Reaper pepper with Ghost peppers and chipotle to murder taste buds all over the world (and beyond). (Do) Fear the Reaper is conveniently packaged as a single/chip-in-a-coffin packet. One is advised to avoid water, as that simply spreads the heat. Doctors are standing by. TheSun
  • The heat is on. Black Hot UFO stumps police in South Wales. Mystery unsolved.  Mirror
  • He rocks! Youtube Entrepreneur known as "John" - holds court from his parents living room and issues a weekly fast food review. Pay: $1800 a month. Bravo! CNN Money
  • Science study in progress: Roller Coasters help people pass kidney stones. We discover the back seat offers prime un-lodging momentum. Before you try this at home, read: The Atlantic
  • And the perfect animal story - the annual reunion of two friends. Dindim the Penguin - since 2011, has been returning each year to reconnect with the man who rescued him. CNN 
It sometimes helps to seek out a boost to engage your imagination muscle prior to attempting a reality shift. Expand your illusion landscape while enjoying the Cast teaser for Dr. Strange -

Fantastic Beasts dropped the final trailer teaser this week. "Time is running out!" ... And we can't wait. Main site: Fantastic Beasts

Podcast -  10/1/16 - Wendy's Coffeehouse with Cynthia Sue Larson - RealityShifters

Welcome to the Quantum Age -- Talking about Reality Shifters with Cynthia Sue Larson - Consciousness shifts Reality: Cynthia/Youtube

If you pay attention and start to notice those tiny instances when things didn't quite follow the linear flow, you might be able to connect more awareness to that moment and begin to initiate or engage more of that same experience. Meditation helps.

Cynthia has solid background in Physics that helps her give better descriptions and applications for the math that makes this all possible. One of the things we didn't have time to fully explore is the Mandela Effect. Knowyourmeme

We talk about the examples of reality shifts and how important it is to detach from negative news. Remain neutral. "Don't Panic."  Listen for the towel and hugs moment. :)

Tips and Hacks on bending creation to upgrade yourself: Quantum Jumps the Book
Connect with Cynthia for her newsletter and social media: Realityshifters.com