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Sep 29, 2016

Celebrating National Coffee Day - Muggles are abuzz

“Don't ever let anyone tell you that fairy tales aren't real. I drink a potion made from magic beans every day, and it brings me back to life.” - Nanea Hoffman

Coffee buzz .... deals ... score your free coffee. NJ.com
  •  Round One: National Coffee Day. CNN
  •  Round Two: International Coffee Day/October 1. Saturday. Yea! Send your Instagram pics and they'll promote your event. Here.
  • Round 3 for good measure: a midweek perk. Final trailer just dropped, building the anticipation to a fever pitch. Fantastic Beasts!

Not quite your cuppa Joe?

Who's that tall fellow knocking through the wall? Dr. Strange is ready to bust a few links on the multi-dimensional mind chain. See Trailer.

Couple of excellent BIGscreen, Autumn mind-benders. Harry Potter effectively eclipsed. (sniff)