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Sep 20, 2016

9/17/2016 - Debra Diamond Psychic-Life After Near Death

"Our mind is capable of passing beyond the dividing line we have drawn for it." - Hermann Hesse

Headlines 9/17/16
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  • Cat gets owner elected to Town Council: thedodo - poster purrfect!
  •  Blog extra: Discussion of why we are reluctant to acknowledge intelligence and the existence of language and other forms of purposeful and intended communication practices, methods and signals in animals: The Guardian 
  •  People Walker of Los Angeles - 7$ per mile and he's solid gold: Oddity Central

Podcast link for Debra Diamond 9/17/16 - Wendy's Coffeehouse - I highly recommend this book for anyone who has experienced NDE and or STE.

Debra Diamond has done her homework investigating aspects of NDE that beg to be explored further, the aftereffects. So, even if you have already heard some amazing Near Death stories, what you might not have heard is the story behind the story; how dramatically life changes for those who must then reconcile (or try to) a completely different world view resulting from the NDE.

Debra Diamond had a similar shift, rather than NDE, she experienced a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) and an awakening to her abilities as a Medium.

Some of this process is very familiar to me, given the life-redirect I experienced in 1997 with the beginning of the nightlight encounter - still ongoing, 24/7.

Her book: Life after Near Death, Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People with Newfound Powers, examines after-effects of NDE (permanent) and among other things, whether there is a personality or religious predisposition or certain pre-existing criteria significant to NDE. Apparently not.

Age, Sex, Belief, Income, Locale, etc., NDE can happen to anyone at anytime. What she does effectively address is the issue/s that surface afterward. Reconciling and integrating the experience. That's the part of the equation that (much like STE) is the greatest challenge. Life is NOT the same.

What happens when you suddenly discover a savant like ability for physics? When you discover you are psychic, when you desire a completely different lifestyle? No longer interested in mainstream news programs or job pursuits, no longer interested in eating meat, now vegan. Big changes. And no logical reason for the change.

Here's Debra on Youtube from her channel:


Here's the info for one amazing case of NDE transformation:
Dr. Tony Cicoria: Story: Metro.co.uk
His background and the music he couldn't get out of his head after being struck by lightning: CDBaby Includes his Lightning Sonata - Classical style piano compositions following a Near Death Experience. I interviewed Dr. Cicoria. Empower Radio

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