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Aug 26, 2016

The Poodle Trainer - Magical (Animalnsight.com )

“A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.” - Jack London

I also blog at Animalnsight. Sharing this post because, no matter how many times I have seen it in the years since I first posted, I am captivated by the storytelling and the connection Irina has with her dogs. Mesmerizing. Bonus: She attributes her special relationship to an Angelic assist.

Prepare to be amazed by some magical performers.

If you have never seen this award winning film short, it's a gem. Irina Markova is an extraordinary animal communicator. Emotionally charged, the film draws you into her world for a very brief moment and leaves a lasting impression. Unforgettable, her character.

Description:  Multi festival favorite, The Poodle Trainer received a special Jury award from AFI/Silverdocs, "for a film that packs humor and tragedy into a subtle and perfectly paced 7 minutes." --

The Poodle Trainer from Vance Malone on Vimeo.

Known as the Russian Dog Whisperer, Irina credits angels for helping her do her work. And there is no doubt, she is incredibly gifted. The dogs mirror her and follow her every move, alert for a cue to the next pose.

Watching the interactions of her canine crew and hearing her describe the feelings she has for them and for her work, indeed, the element of a higher source is present.

Animal Communicators are challenged to find words for the deeds they do. It may well be that there simply are no words. The explanation is in the result. Irina speaks the language of the heart. Sincere, authentic, genuine, humble and very much worth knowing. 

A blog post for a Irina's 2010 appearance in the US. 

Irina's Home Page: My Talented Dogs

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