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Jul 9, 2016

7/9/16 - Weapons of the Gods - Headlines and show overview

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Headlines -

Out stunning Tatooine and completely unexpected, a new planet rotating THREE suns is the Science revelation of the week. 320 light years from Earth. Each season lasts longer than a human lifetime. Scientists now revising their view of what might be possible in the solar system. CNN 

Stanley Kubrick's daughter to the moon landing conspiracy theorists: "...a grotesque lie." The rest of her response: Vivian Kubrick

This got a brief mention: Roman statue head spotted on Mars. DailyMail
Weapons of the Gods - Author Nick Redfern on KCMO Wendy's Coffeehouse podcast

Viral Vid of the week  - the guy in the car with his kids who posted about the ghost swing -- now deleted -- but the follow up is still working. Follow-up: After being seriously mocked, follow up post - is here. Wait for it -- the GHOST ... Boo!

Weapons of the Gods is (almost) the latest book from prolific Fortean Author Nick Redfern and he delivers a host of new clues that suggest we have plenty of unsolved mysteries hidden in our timeline.

Jumping into the search for connecting dots with the topic of Death Rays (Wiki) it might be that the ancient language creates one obvious barrier. Tesla comes up when I suggest he might have been an Alien and Nick says it wasn't that kind of Alien being referenced. Interesting stuff on the father of the atomic bomb, Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, and a cryptic comment he made suggesting the atom bomb the US discharged might not have been the first in the history of our planet.  

Other questions include the origin of extremely radioactive skeletons and an anomaly turning up in unexpected locales: Trinitite, the glassy stone created by atomic detonation.

What we didn't cover on air and gives a twist to the ET question is the chapter on Cryptoterrestrials, suggested to have experienced and escaped apocalyptic conditions that drove them deep underground. The theory is that these beings are so much like us they can easily mix without detection among the surface dwellers and might have a vested interest in planting information motivating surface Earth dwellers to save the planet. Chapter 19, page 177, Reference: Video of Mac Tonnies discussing his theory (filmed in Kansas City)

Nick's even newer book, Women in Black  was released July 1st.

When I asked him what he thought about the latest Nessie sighting, he revealed yet another upcoming release, a book on the Loch Ness subject due out in October, 2016. Prolific. And fascinating.

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Classic Nick on High Strangeness - Crop Circles, etc. ...

Podcast of today's show: Wendy's Coffeehouse with Nick Redfern on Talk Radio KCMO 

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