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Jul 31, 2016

7/30/16 - Jeffrey Mishlove - The PK Man, a true story of Mind over Matter

“It’s unkind to point out the Obvious To those who don’t want to see it. But it’s worse to point out the Invisible To those convinced it doesn’t exist.” - Ingo Swann, Author of Penetration

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Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast 7/30/16: Interview with Jeffrey Mishlove

A story so fantastic it challenges what is believed about human PSI abilities. Even those who knew Ted Owens best are still perplexed as to the source and whether it was indeed an inherent asset or whether he had help from an external force.

When Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove (Host of the New Thinking Allowed) first tried to publish his book on Ted Owens, the publisher remarked something along the lines of the content being a poorly written fiction. He took the hint that it might be best to wait until public awareness had become a bit more evolved and receptive to a subject that, far from fiction was a very true, non-fiction account of a man who possessed extraordinary psychic/PK abilities.

Here's another interview with Jeffrey on Ted Owens. Truly, a fascinating study of what is possible when one hones PSI abilities -

Interested? More information is available. Ted Owens published his own *books and Jeffrey Mishlove has other *interviews in addition to his book: link

The PK Man  - a review
"For this story to finally be told after twenty years, shows that the writer has faith in the ability of human beings at this time, to not only accept the story of Ted Owens without fear, judgment and ridicule, but to awaken to a broader understanding of their own psychic potential." ...

From other details I (Wendy) have uncovered regarding this story and information that is now dated a good 30 years in the past, there are hints about others with abilities akin to Owens. It seems very likely they have chosen to do the work in private and let the general public remain in the dark or those who are inquisitive and tenacious figure it out - eventually.

Homework for the curious:

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Upcoming, August 20th on Wendy's Coffeehouse, I'll be interviewing Edd Edwards about his PK abilities. He has also demonstrated an ability to direct lightning: About Edd 

"And when I breathed, my breath was lightning." - Black Elk