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Jun 8, 2016

Float Therapy - a refreshing "time out"

"Presumably there are energies, to which each human is sensitive, that we cannot yet detect by means of our instruments. Built into our brains and our bodies are very sensitive tuneable receivers for energies that we do not yet know about in our science but that each one of us can detect under the proper circumstances and the proper state of mind. We can tune our nervous systems and bodies to receive these energies. We can also tune our brains and bodies to transmit these energies." - John C. Lilly

Meditation has been hijacking the headlines as the top go-to for stress relief and I agree that meditation is helpful for unwinding the mind. However, in addition to quieting the mind, if there are pain issues such as muscle fatigue or sports injuries, you might consider another option: Float Therapy.

Isolation Therapy (REST, Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. With improved technology and upgraded equipment, the current providers are offering even more in terms of environmental aesthetics.

What a nice surprise to find a local venue! Here's my interview with Blake Swetnam of Floating KC.

First things first - if you are into this activity - you are called a Waver not a Floater. Smile. However, I broke that code in my first post just for grins. Yes, I am that easily entertained. As such, how fun to find this Float Intro on the Floating KC blog.

Entertaining for novices and experienced Wavers, this is an excellent (humorous) intro of what to expect from your first float.Tag along with Rhett and Link

 Video is their introduction -- review and backstory on the adventure is after the video.

Curious? Try it.

Then compare your notes with Rhett and Link. Here's their assessment and review of the actual experience.

They do address the potential fear of claustrophobia but that element is a non-issue
with Floating KC because the set up is a room rather than a tank (Zero Gravity Float Room).

* Additional Info -- Stuff and Misc *

Floating Therapy -- another perspective -- In her story: "... an analysis in 1997 of well over 1,000 descriptions of sensory deprivation indicated that more than 90% of subjects found it deeply relaxing..."

The Floating Experience -- Sensory Deprivation upgrade ... REST

Men's Journal -- Another Waver on floating ...

The Book of Floating

And the classics - The Deep Self - The Quiet Center -- John Lilly

If you are really into it by now --
Here's your grail:  Float ConferencePortland, Oregon: August, 2016
(503) 451-3451 • conference@floathq.com