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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

6/25/16 - Secrets of Aboriginal Healing - Headlines and Overview

"Secrets of Aboriginal Healing demonstrates how--against all odds--an ordinary human being can participate in their own healing process and move from extreme illness to high-level wellness. A must read for anyone who wants to gain freedom from disease and other challenging circumstances." - Marilyn McGuire, founder of Nautilus Book Awards

Reader Review: Profound, Practical, Powerful 

Headlines --

Men in Black -
several sightings reported in Muscatine County, Iowa.

Mystery unsolved: old but revived now in the posts is the story of the Smartphone Sleep App records ghost voice. The woman who posted her story says she lives alone and the voice recorded is much deeper than hers. After sitting with the info for a few months and getting no further occurrences, she said it made her uncomfortable not knowing the source and opted to relocate. Google search on this turns up more fodder. SleepAppGhosts

Gifting the world with a new taste treat for pets, a Colorado company has unveiled Wine for Cats - non-alcholic of course. Pinot Meow and Moscato are getting typical catty reviews: Mixed. Dog lovers have not been forgotten. Wine for Dogs is on the way. Cheers! Home site

Woman informs court she experienced a visit from the deceased and could no longer remain neutral in the case. After detailing specifics of the encounter, she was excused.

On the flip side, this woman's mom died in 2010 and is still expected to show up for jury duty. When death is no excuse.

6/25/16 Wendy's Coffeehouse podcast - Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

Co-Author, Robbie Holz, healed herself of hepatitis C and also worked with Aboriginal healers in Australia. She is a holistic health consultant dedicated to continuing the healing work of her late husband, Gary Holz, D.Sc. (1950-2007).

An award-winning physicist and a psycho-neuro-immunologist, he was confined to a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis in 1994. Undeterred by naysayers, Gary journeyed to Australia to stay with an Aboriginal tribe. The result: miraculous healing.

Written at the request of the Aborigines Holz stayed with, Secrets of Aboriginal Healing
is a story of profound change and healing based upon 60 thousand years of practice.

If you want more information, in addition to the content our interview on KCMO Talk Radio, here's another interview with Robbie: "Secrets of Aboriginal Healing" --

Comprehensive Website for Aboriginal Background Material.

When you choose to change something in your life, the key is to be specific with the language. Don't say "I wish," don't say, "I want" ... the rest is in the book: page 71, the chapter on Focus.

Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

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