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Jun 11, 2016

Tom Carey and Children of Roswell - 6/11/16 - 'Mystery Metal' cameo

Top Headline this week -- The Greatest in every aspect, Muhammad Ali was also an avid UFO fan.   

The boxing legend says he saw several UFOs, including a mothership. According to Author Timothy Green Beckley, Muhammad Ali said of UFOs: "...they've been watching me for some time now."

Ali even provided a sketch for the book: Shirley MacLaine Meets The Pleiadians: Plus - The Amazing Flying Saucer Experiences Of Celebrities, Rock Stars And The Rich And Famous

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Beckley says there was so much material in regard to Ali that he gave him an entire chapter.
Read more in this Blog post from the Author.

As an *Ali fan, who can also cite an encounter or two, he shines an inextinguishable beacon encouraging those who have encountered the UN-explainable to know: We are in good company and growing in numbers are those willing to talk about it. Earmarked for the UFO Treasure Chest.

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My guest, Author Tom Carey has been on this case since 1991. The Roswell legacy. Beyond those who were personally involved in the event, families and close associates were also caught up in the aftermath. In some cases, the impact experienced from negative backlash lasted for decades: The Children of Roswell.

Interview YouTube with Project Camelot -

Re our Podcast tech issues with the phone line. Apparently the result of a coffee spill on the console (note irony). Once the phone link is established we're off and running.

"Memory Metal," an incredible substance that has a track record of sticky consequences for many of those known to have had contact or knowledge about it. Carey says scientists trying to back engineer a reasonable facsimile have had no success. The extraordinary properties are such that - to date - no substance exists that can produce identical results.

Author Tom Carey had just been contacted by a NEW witness who realized (while reading his book) she also saw a demonstration of the incredible "Memory Metal" and this is the first time he has shared that info. Expect more details in his upcoming book: Roswell: the Verdict of History.

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*Muhammad Ali
funeral. The Greatest evermore.