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Oct 2, 2023

Evidence for Life After Death. Bigelow 2021 Essay contest runner-up Michael Tymn

 “I tell you with all the strength and conviction I can utter that we do persist, that people over there still take an interest in what is going on here; that they still help us and know far more about  things than we do, and are able from time to time to communicate with us.”  Sir Oliver Lodge

Evidence of Life After Death

In the podcast archives, my interview with Michael Tymn. I have followed his blog for a few years and appreciate the tremendous amount of research he has done over the past couple of decades.

I managed to catch him on a good day. He agreed to a rare interview

He clarified for me that he is not a scientist, academician or researcher, per se, and says his interest in psychical research is as a historian. His primary efforts in this regard over the past 20 years has been to make the old research – between 1850 and 1930 – known to the public.

Mike was one of the runner-ups, awarded a $50,000 prize, in the Bigelow Essay contest of 2021, on the subject of evidence for life after death. His essay is available to read here. Link. Info on the most recent contest. Link.

Michael’s Question: “Is finding evidence of life on another planet more important than finding evidence of life after death?”

BioMichael Tymn (Tim), a retired insurance claims manager, has been a freelance writer for nearly 70 years. He has written more than 2,000 articles for more than 50 newspapers, magazines, and journals.

He is the author of several books, including The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die. Amazon.

In his essay, “Long Concealed, Now Revealed – Overwhelming Evidence for Life After Death,” Tymn asserts that there is overwhelming evidence for life after death, citing the work of early psychical researchers, such as Sir William CrookesSir Oliver LodgeGovernor Nathaniel P. Tallmadge and Professor Hare, who conducted experiments with mediums that produced evidence of spirit communication.

Example: Witness: Governor Nathaniel P. Tallmadge.
With another medium, Calhoun asked Tallmadge to bring
a guitar to their next meeting. He did so and placed it on a drawer, no one touching it.

Tallmadge testified: “The guitar was touched softly and gently, and gave forth sweet and delicious sounds, like the accompaniment to a beautiful and exquisite piece of music. It then played a sort of symphony, in much louder and bolder tones.
 P 14.

In other works, Tymn also discusses the work of contemporary researchers, such as DrRaymond Moody and Dr. Bruce Greyson, who have studied near-death
experiences and past-life memories. Tymn concludes that the evidence for life after death
is overwhelming and it can help us to live our lives with more purpose and meaning.

Michael Tymn’s books are available on Amazon. Link.
Michael’s Blog – at White Crow BooksLink.

Consciousness beyond physical embodiment

Here is a short video example of my interactive nightlight. I channel and this is the counterpart of that. Activity has been ongoing for 25 years. The frequency is now more intermittent as there is an intentional effort by ‘the Energy’ to maintain the life of the bulb.

I delayed cleaning the power strip because I was worried it was worn out. And, sure enough, I cleaned the power strip and it died [September.23]. The nightlight is now on a new power strip. I find it fascinating to have been able to have this interaction continue for decades now – when I initially expected it to stop at any moment.

Beyond what we think we know – we are surrounded by unknown wonders. Normal? Paranormal? Supra-normal? Unexplained. I hesitate applying a name or label because I think we have more to learn about what is possible.

As we evolve our awareness, we will discover some of our experiences and encounters have been mislabeled, misinterpreted, and, as a result, entirely misunderstood.

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“Your world must realize that revelation is continuous and progressive, fitting itself to the stage of understanding to the people to whom it comes.”  Silver Birch