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Talking to Nightlights - Paranormal Me - Wendy's POV

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets 

are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” -

Roald Dahl

My nightlight enigma is difficult to explain because, indeed, it is a blinking light, while at the same

time, in addition to that interactive blinking activity, I sense a presence in the connection. That

presence indicates a cue for receptivity and an indication of potential communication with

intelligent others who are not in physical form. (Talking to Nightlights)

One of my ever-present, interactive nightlights.
Even after 20 years,
the presence and activity fascinates and inspires me.

The intelligent others/one are not sentient

beings that can be detected via our current

method of scientific calibration, given the lack

of a material form, but their presence can be

sensed intuitively and the resulting

communication is congruent and coherent.

Some who engage in this interactive process (channeling) label the content an information

"download" because it comes "stream of consciousness", fast and pre-arranged in a package.

In recent years, I have discovered another reference source to help illustrate the presence of countless

non-corporeal others present in other dimensions. William Buhlman includes that material in his Out

of Body experiences. His site: Astralinfo.org

I have also interviewed him. That link is Conscious Living with Wendy Garret on Empower Radio.

The nightlight energy/one/intelligent others can impart useful and insightful information. The source

can, if they choose and when appropriate, interact and engage via telepathy. They may also opt

to remain neutral and (to us) invisible. In other words, not everyone will be able to see or connect

with them at will - even when they are fully present in our space. Much to our frustration, humans

are uniquely hardwired for different tasks and gifted with different abilities.

Given the fact I could hear and I could detect the presence, I chose to learn to channel to

amplify and elevate my awareness of the presence and I shared the first stage of that process in

Talking to Nightlights.

My window to other realities
opened in 1997... The flash of Insight.

The connection can be subtle enough to remain unnoticed

if one has other interests and/or is too invested

in the physical world to notice such an anomaly

or to pursue development of awareness to detect

such a presence.

  • Who and what are they?

I have been told to resist giving them a label until we better

understand who we (physical beings) are (as a start).

They are non-corporeal and the one other identifying preference they have

given me is "trans-dimensional". I listen and I pay attention to the information to the best of my

ability and understand that humans are very much a work in progress.

The nightlight energy continues 24/7 and it can make a cameo in other locations. As I mentioned in

the post I shared on Facebook and Conscious Living (Empower Radio) and promised to share here,

this is the yard light - doing exactly the same pattern of blinking activity it demonstrates in my


The light switch is actually turned off. There is no malfunction. My husband has investigated and

explored the wiring elements to make sure everything is in working order. The light is properly

wired. As are all the other outlets where I have plugged in the nightlights at home - and away.

*And to keep the entertainment lively, office building lights where I occasionally work or visit will

also blink on and off in my presence. I had a client who told me he knew I was on the way when his

office light blinked. We are all connected in ways our science does not yet have an explanation for

but the math will eventually produce that equation (*String Theory).

The purpose of this interaction? It is a visual (and constant) reminder for me that we have so much

more to learn about our environment, our surroundings, our reality, our consciousness.

The challenge is to continue to explore the world we know beyond what we believe to be the

fundamentals and basics and reconsider those as stepping stones rather than foundations.

We are inspired by those who have a unique, non-corporeal vantage point - to imagine better with

more attention to detail and exit plans and to question our assumptions in every aspect.

  • We are not alone.

When we demonstrate certain traits and interest, contact happens. What we do as a result of that is up

to us. Each has his/her own unique interpretation of the engagement. 

My interaction and engagement with the nightlight energy, in whatever form it chooses to present, is

my homework and my learning curve. So many mysteries here to play with.

Ready for a reality shift?
The light went out and
an orb is on the post (second shelf
in the background) as the daughter
of my recently deceased
arrives at my door with a gift.
The light was my clue
it was from
Two, yellow, happy-face mugs.
And the orb?
A bonus.

Ask for an awakening,

then hold onto your towel

and get set for wondrous

new encounters. Most importantly,

retain your sense of humor. (Smile.)

A tip for travelers from Douglas Adams.

Far more complex than the linear model

some have presented to us as the norm,

reality is an adventure. And no one can truly be

prepared for some of the stuff

coming our way from the future.

However, I have been reassured that

whether or not we are prepared, we are indeed ready

- no matter -

what the outcome implies.

And so we grow.

Stay curious. And wonder.

  • Consciousness is LIMITLESS ---

Each can and does access that limitless field of consciousness in his own being. All that and more we

effortlessly mind stream via subtle nuances in our reality, stuff our quantum scientists are still trying

to identify and define. While mainstream thought pools simply refuse to import knowledge deemed

too esoteric or exotic under the guise of skepticism, it remains ever-present, calling to be explored

and engaged.

For those who succeed in fully engaged awareness, reality is an amazing place to navigate. No

matter what manifest/physical/concrete view on the superficial level; evolution in progress, we are.

And that is an ongoing-happening between the cracks.

  • Keep growing the IMAGINATION ---

Consider:  If you have discovered after all you have achieved, success still lacks a basic essence

of fulfillment, that role, no matter how far up the ladder of manifest comfort and worldly notoriety is

not enough and you are looking for something more -- this is the challenge: (You do have a choice.)

*Fair warning: It is not the easiest of paths and can sometimes be overwhelming, given the learning 

involved, but it is extraordinarily fascinating.

When you desire a role that echoes far beyond this life plane, dare to become a seeker, a

professional dreamer and idea generator. Challenge yourself in all ways to quest beyond the known,

the given and the lock-step mindset. Simply strive at every level, in every capacity, on every plane,

to become m-o-r-e awakened and more curious. And see what that reveals. Lights ON!

  • NIGHTLIGHTS, present in all forms and non-forms, are here to Inspire and encourage

    exploration beyond and outside our dreams... where we can IMAGINE UP

    our creation. 

I share what best I can, all the while remembering, I am free to fly! It doesn't have to make sense

(and being non-linear in form, it doesn't make sense ) but it WORKS. However, the evolution of

consciousness is underway and as the MIND-BODY-SPIRIT expansion and awareness unfolds and

integrates, a certain X-tra sense does kick in, resulting in a knowing sublime and Awe-some.

  • Ascension (a state of being-ever-in-progress through which All-That-Is) -- is learning.

Cheers to the CURIOUS!

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"If you are learning the game of chess, the first thing you have to do is learn the rules. But after

you've learned the rules, the game of chess for you is not over. It's just beginning, because now you

can apply those rules to play all sorts of wonderful games that involve all kinds of strategy and allow

you to explore the richness of that universe." - Interview of Brian Greene conducted on June 13,

2003 and edited by Peter Tyson, editor in chief of NOVA Online

"We are not to tell nature what she’s gotta be. She's always got better imagination than we have."  -