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Aug 20, 2021

Beyond Time - Future Past Present Now - You are

"Instead of harming me, this visitors seemed to be daring me to transcend my weaknesses. I began to see an elegant and objective ethic behind their frightening manifestations... if I could surmount my fears and my weaknesses, I was going to learn extraordinary things." - Whitley Strieber,  Website.

  • Adventures in Multiple Dimensions. "Like a jack-in-the box, it might be possible to unpack the extra dimensions." - Richard Obousy, Director of Icarus Interstellar, a non-profit organization promoting starship research. Warp Drive, Time Travel, Traversable Worm Holes. Discover.
  • Synchronicity with the previous article: A lovely crop circle. Description from the comments: If we count group of circles- 2D. Represented in- 3D. There are Circle Stripes- 5D. The shape that Can merge into 1. Circle is Oness or Oneself Circle means energy that cycles never ends infinity. That's Us. Two imagesA spiral. Facebook.
  • The Manual for Civilization is a core collection of materials (3,500 volumes initially) meant to reflect a cross-section of the interests of Long Now membership, and to answer the question “What books would you want on hand if you were to restart civilization?" Link.
The initial submissions/lists. Link."

1."The point of the Clock of the Long Now is not to measure out the passage, into their unknown future, of the race of creatures that built it. The point of the Clock is to revive and restore the whole idea of the Future, to get us thinking about the Future again, to the degree if not in quite the way same way that we used to do, and to reintroduce the notion that we don’t just bequeath the future—though we do, whether we think about it or not. We also, in the very broadest sense of the first person plural pronoun, inherit it."

2. "This is the paradox that lies at the heart of our loss of belief or interest in the Future, which has in turn produced a collective cultural failure to imagine that future, any Future, beyond the rim of a couple of centuries."

3. "When I told my son about the Clock of the Long Now, he listened very carefully, and we looked at the pictures on the Long Now Foundation’s website. “Will there really be people then, Dad?” he said. “Yes,” I told him without hesitation, “there will.” ..." Blog.

  • Why are we here? Insects are not the enemy. Still killing Bees. "Pesticides can amplify each other. Bees have become the victims." Vox.

 Sci-Fi Short Film. Flotando. Reality check.


Explore the DUST Multiverse: https://bit.ly/DUSTChannel

A Russian astronaut - stranded on a space station module - a strange visitor arrives and he begins to wonder if he's losing his mind.

"Flotando" by Frankie De Leonardis

Filmmakers: https://Flotando.tv

*Be sure to read the Youtube comments on this one.*


Twitterverse Etc... 

Whitley Strieber @WhitleyStrieber · Aug 5 - This account was sent to us by filmmaker and close encounter witness Steve Neill. It was given to him by a friend of his who is very ill with cancer and has not long to live. It is, in other words, a deathbed account of a truly remarkable experience.

- "i hardly told anyone about this, cause of my special effect works, they dont belive me, they think im nuts, or wrte this a asci-fi x files story……….i think you would understand im glad i told you this before i die, i think you would belive me. i wanted to tell you this i person, cause of my failing health, i only go out a few times in the month, i know what happened that dayill leave it up to you…steve."
full story continued, Link.

Lisa M Christie, PhD @LisaChristiePhD · "Space is the way we experience relationship, rather than a fact prior to the world." - Alfred North Whitehead

Wendy's Coffeehouse @WendyLite4one · Gma knows a thing or 2 about bs.
New study shows teens fall for online scams faster than their grandparents. Link.

As I traveled through @YellowstoneNPS last week, I was escorted by a group of bison, welcoming me to the park. I am grateful to the staff and park rangers who made my first trip back to Yellowstone as Secretary of the Interior informative, engaging, and wonderful. 


A bit of good news...

Regarding River Dave: Hermit who had his world turned upside down. Turns out an Angel gave him a bucket of gold to rebuild his cabin and return to life off the grid - if that is his wish. - AP: "Lidstone, for his part, said he doesn’t think he can go back to being a hermit. “Maybe the things I’ve been trying to avoid are the things that I really need in life,” he told The Associated Press.

Lasting Impressions...

Babbling Bats - just like Human kids. Link.

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