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Sep 10, 2019

ETs, Owls, Holograms, Navigating to the Stars and Beyond via Consciousness

"I have spoken to other people who have had similar experiences to mine, which I am about to lay open, who were adamant that such revelation would compromise and even destroy the most precious and sacred quality within them. I disagree. I feel it is my duty to report it as faithfully as possible and lay open the most sacred parts of my soul, because I now know that at the very root of it all is the one attribute we all have in common and which defines us as a divine species." - Jurgen Ziewe, The Ten Minute Moment

OddsnEnds -

Chuckle - Note the placement - Owl in Flying Saucer picLink. Should make it obvious: ET has a sense of humor ...

ET is an Owl?
Why Owls and UFOs?
If and when our 6th sense abilities kick in and dots connect it will be discovered that - rather than a subversive overthrowing-the-planet/eradicate-the-human-race subplot, winks and nods served another purpose.

Can you relate? Owls, ETs, the number 3... and cats. Mike Clelland has done a deep dive in this card file ... reference: blog post about the Australian Experiencer Judy Carroll.

"What modern society cannot seem to grasp is that mind is not limited space but rather is a portal through to other realities / dimensions. Although these other dimensions vibrate on different frequency bands of energy not readily able to be perceived by our five senses, they are nevertheless just as real and valid as the third dimensional 'reality' we take so much for granted.

I've had lifelong contact with off-planet beings, and in 1983, at age 30, I had a conscious daytime encounter with the beings known as Greys - the small (and sometimes tall) thin ETs with large black or blue eyes, bald heads and 3 or 4 fingers on each hand. During this meeting I recognized them as 'family,' and I eventually regained recall of having chosen to operate through a 'dual,' or 'melded' Earth human/Zeta grey consciousness."

Why Owls? Mike Clelland, Author of The Messengers and Stories from the Messengers has a few connecting dots and lots of stories linking Owls and UFOs.

Interview with Mike Clelland/Wendy's Coffeehouse. No matter how much we cover, there are questions I wish I had asked but didn't seem to be a good fit at the time. He continues to track the UFO, Owl links. Follow the blog and check out the second installment of his story with accounts from others who experience UFOs and Owls. Follow Mike on his blog.


Owls are also connected to the realm of the Shaman. Interviewing John Perkins (The World Is As You Dream It) the first time in the mid 90's, I knew there was more to the story. [Confessions of an Economic Hit Man interviews are in both the Audioboom and Empower Radio archives.] In conjunction with researching John, I was researching a South American Shaman and that night a huge Owl came calling. Flew directly overhead and so close I felt the draft.

There is one other time I have seen an Owl of similar size. That Owl was white and coincided with a UFO event, a warning to be aware things there were not what they seemed. There is more to that story. It was a surreal experience.

One of our resident Owls. Their hearing is incredible.  
The neighborhood Owls are often visitors to our yard. A few days ago, I dreamed I saw an Owl flying overhead, carrying an abundant amount of nesting material. A large portion dropped.

People were gathered at a table beneath and paid little attention other than to laugh when someone was hit with Owl droppings. 

I continued to watch the Owl re-situate the remainder selected for nesting material to a crook in the tree where it was better supported.

The following day, we discovered a discarded pile of nesting material - large, sturdy twigs - in the middle of the sidewalk. Squirrel, Owl, Hawk.

For me, that dream message relates to shoring up the foundation and that some remain oblivious to the messages being telegraphed by the natural world and the presence of subtle warning metaphors being carried forward in the collective consciousness.

Hidden in plain view/subliminal code in our language: Climate change. "Winter is coming."

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