Jan 21, 2018

Terry McKenzie - Living with Weston Ghosts, haunted happily everafter... Super and natural

It began when as a young parish priest I tried to assuage my curiosity about ghosts, and in no time at all found myself enjoying the company of these people from the world of yesteryear. I even found myself acting as counselor/social worker to many of them. I just can't understand anyone being afraid of ghosts. - Holy Ghostbuster: A Parson's Encounters with the Paranormal, Reverend Joe Aelwyn Roberts

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  • This Fan-made Harry Potter film brings new life to the Tom Riddle backstory, adding extra characters and fleshing out a few plot elements. Nixed and then, after a chat with the execs, approved. Voldemort deserves an afterlife renew... Thumbs up review: Yahoo. 
  • The Last Great Daredevil aka Mad Mike Hughes plans to launch his homemade rocket on February 3. Details and launch coverage. Hoping that name isn't a self-fulfilling title. 
  • Holy Ghostbuster, yes, the same one quoted above, passed away. Mysterious Universe - Thanks to Paul Seaburn
  • Woman marries Ghost of a pirate. Daily Mail. She says he looks like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. DailyEdge  Note: Is the 'marriage' legal? Snopes says, No. Given the fact the groom is deceased one might assume 'legit' was not a concerning factor for the 'married' couple in this case.  
  • Ghost Blog - Father's legacy? A Gift of Prophecy 
  • True love. Cat owner misses cues to hunt. Cat shifts gears to vegan offerings. The Dodo 

Moving into a new home... Mom is all atwitter. Gram? Kinda preoccupied. Alfie, along with his pet goldfish: Sara, must investigate the empty rooms alone... cue spooky music ... the rooms might not be empty.

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Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with (1/28/18) Terry McKenzie. Living with Ghosts.

It started when he and his wife won the opportunity to restore a historic home in Weston, Missouri.  Bid and renovation plans had to meet requirements and be approved. Even the backstory on how theirs won is curious.

Because of the unique history behind the house (descendants of Daniel Boone), that story was newsworthy. Lawrence Journal World

Considering a similar project? Six owners share their story. CBS News  None mention Ghosts.

Restoration plans for the 1850's home were set and work was underway when the other shoe/s dropped. A tornado (or a really big wind) blew the roof off the house. Footsteps were heard in rooms where no one had entered. Ghosts were eventually seen, heard and photographed. Maybe not in that order.

One photograph - and I really should get a copy of this from Terry - is spectacular. Taken in an empty bedroom, the camera catches images in the mirror. Clearly featured in the reflected image, a couple.  Dressed in period clothes, the man and woman resemble former residents. Authentic and priceless.

Turns out the ghosts were pretty active, especially after lively gatherings and at night. Funny thing that. The owners didn't believe in ghosts. They showed up anyway. Terry has a few words to say about this, what it was like to discover ghosts are real.

This home will be on the Weston 2018 Christmas Homes Tour.

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