Dec 8, 2017

SciXFriday - "Adam", Stick Oddities, Sasquatch Curious and Far out Mind Funk

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” - Albert Einstein

OddsnEnds - 
  • On days when the good news is hit and missing, unexpected gold stands out. Underscoring overwhelming odds and tremendous heart, the person featured in this clip opted not to be interviewed. Highlighting hope in the chaos, CNN, the Hero who saved a rabbit.
  • Sense of humor, Eco activist, Sasquatch? The Forest Service is not amused by these stick designs. SantaFeNewMexican
  • For your consideration: Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science. (Jane Goodall is a believer.) NPR
  • Did you know? Sound affects your perception of how food tastes on an airplane. Results from recent studies. Atlas Obscura 
  • Selling the upside of the Coffee habit. RealSimple (undated)
  • New movie. When I bookmarked the following Sci-Fi short film a few weeks ago, I had no idea it would resemble this Guillermo del Toro film: The Shape of Water. Remarkable. A theme and maybe a peek into our amphibious past/future/present. Review via The Atlantic
From the description: In a world choking on pollution, reliant upon oxygen masks for survival, a sea creature may be the key to humanity's survival. His name is "Adam" ... The Space Between Us

The film won four awards at the 2015 edition of the Scifi Film Festival in Australia.
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Another short film to check out. In this one, the future combines climate change tragedy and potential ET scavengers. The story of a Teddy Bear. Award Winning Animation from 2011. Beautifully done: Worlds Apart

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12/10 - Cheryl Costa, Author, Blogger, UFO Columnist, Syracuse NewTimes
12/17 - Lynn Andrews and Robert Taylor, Sacred Vision Oracle Cards - Shamanism
12/22 - James Schwartz, Hypnotherapist Blog: "Actual transcripts of clients experiencing the phenomena of visiting different planes of existence during their hypnosis sessions." One Voice, Sacred Wisdom 

Booked for January, 2018 - Paul Davids is back. This time he's sharing some of the wild stuff he experienced as a guinea pig in a CIA mind-control experiment.

John Selby and Paul Jeffrey Davids, the authors of Blowing America’s Mind: A True Story of Princeton, CIA Mind Control, LSD and Zen, were among Princeton University students in the late 1960’s who got tangled up in these secret experiments at the nearby New Jersey Neuro‐Psychiatric Institute’s Bureau of Research.

To paraphrase the language on their site, if it took the authors '50 years to de-condition their own minds and remember what was done to them at the Institute and Princeton in 1967, it might indicate the subversive power of memory-blocking research.' - Website

"I'm an optimist. I believe in the future." - The Manchurian Candidate
Dejavu. Rinse and don't repeat.

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