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Updated and available in eBook form - Reality is so much more interesting than the illusion we accept at face value. Talking to Nightlights 2

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Thank you for your interest in my blog. My background includes broadcast news anchoring, reporting, interviewing and announcing on commercial radio.

I segued to podcasting and writing a decade or so ago. 

As a result of daily personal experiences with anomalous phenomena: ghosts, spirit guides, ET, UFO, Orbs, interactive nightlights, and uncategorized others who remain unseen but connect telepathically, I've managed to maintain an interesting diary. 

The book library is focused on Metaphysics, Consciousness, UFOs, Bigfoot, Anomalous, and other eclectic paranormal topics. Much of that is used as a resource for booking guests. 

Fan of The Expanse ... Best Sci-Fi series to date. 

A nugget for anyone interested in Unexplained, UFO, Ghost, Time shifts - old school, true tales of reported encounters that continue to mystify: One Step Beyond 6 DVD Collector's Set (70 Episodes), Amazon

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