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Hello and welcome!

Thank you for your interest in my blog. I am a freelance blogger. My background includes broadcast news anchoring, reporting, interviewing and announcing on commercial radio.

I segued to podcasting and writing a decade or so ago. 

As a result of personal experiences with anomalous phenomena: ghosts, spirit guides, ET, UFO, Orbs, interactive nightlights, and unknown others I don't categorize who remain unseen but connect telepathically, I've managed to maintain an interesting diary. 

I also have a full library of books focused on Metaphysics, Consciousness, UFOs, Bigfoot, Anomalous, and other eclectic paranormal topics. Much of that is used as a resource for booking guests. 

I don't subscribe to cable to help limit TV news and commercial exposure. Prefer to binge watch and catch up with multiple seasons of a series on DVD.

Fan of The Expanse ... Best Sci-Fi series to date.

A nugget for anyone interested in Unexplained, UFO, Ghost, Time shifts - old school, true tales of reported encounters that continue to mystify: 

Reality is an amazing place to play!
Thanks for stopping by.


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