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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hot Dog Victory!

 Can a Hamster take the title from a reigning food eating champ?  

Tiny hot dogs were made out of grapes, dates, or carrots. "The hamster ate whatever seemed to taste best to him!"

And if you liked this video - you might enjoy watching tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos .... *Please note the channel may require safe search mode.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Running to the water with Walter!

Have you seen Walter run to the ocean? Viral vid of the week.

Tagged with a GoPro, we get to see this loveable lab gleefully embrace his freedom and burst into a full-out-don't-get-in-the-way-charge from house to beach!

Walter loves the water!


Here's the spectator view.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How fast is the world's fastest female talker?

So fast you won't understand what she's saying .. but whatever it was/is .. it was fast...

In 1986: “I broke the record, becoming the World’s Fastest Talking Female by speaking 585 words in one minute in front of a national television audience,” Fran recalls. “My career took off.” In 1990, she broke the record again at the Guinness World of Records Museum in Las Vegas, by reading 603.32 words of a 17th century British text in 54.2 seconds

Fran also holds records for: being the only author to do book signings at both the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and the site of the sunken Titanic.


More Fran in less time ... Her website
Fran on Facebook

Steve Widmore - Fastest Male talker - Steve's World record is 637 words.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stand by for .. Jafflechutes ..

Old School is getting trumped by a new fast food renegade ... rather than a Diner, a Dive or/and a Drive thru - the new kid on the location-TBA-block offers a sandwich/dinner drop .. by parachute.

Say Hello to Jafflechutes. And it's coming to America.

What is a Jafflechute? Details.

[Have you ever lost a jafflechute in a tree? We lost a 'test' jafflechute - a Murakami novel.]

Ground rule: "We will only communicate with people on the ground via Twitter and social media – yelling off the balcony wouldn't be a good look.”

"The owners have decided not to make a profit out of the enterprise, just to maintain its DIY ethos."

*Source Oddity Central
and *Source The Guardian

Crowdfunding goal achieved!

Sign up for a drop.

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