Aug 10, 2017

20 years in the making - Talking to Nightlights II

“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.”  - Terence McKenna

Blink off.
I am working on a new book to update my paranormal adventure with the Energy and my interactive nightlights. In revisiting the beginning and taking into account advice I was given for 'Talking to Nightlights', I want to incorporate the suggestions in the new work, suggestions that were too late in coming for the first book but appreciated none the less. I tucked them away for a later day. And that later day is now.

My challenge? Omit some of the personal process in my new creation, tidy up the writing and make it a bit leaner. After twenty years of living the story, I now have a better understanding of what I can omit.

In those early days it was all so novel, beyond defining and that made it very hard to let go of anything on the chance it somehow related and connected dots yet to be revealed. Indeed, some of it did and does connect dots I had not yet accounted for.

Honestly, now I let the journal hold onto any extra stuff. It helped to get it out at the time and let my life unfold around the experience. A friend suggested I create a fiction to tell the tale but my fiction pales in comparison to the wonder of the experience. It felt disingenuous to try and cloak it.

Completely foreign, the experience with non-corporeal beings expanded to include guardian angels, ghost people, transdimensionls (ETs) and pets. The guides stepped up to assist me in my efforts in learning to connect to those elements via automatic writing, channeling and telepathy.

Blink on.
Talking to Nightlights is about sharing the very first transitioning steps of a profound, life-changing spiritual metamorphosis. It's choppy, uneven, gushy, rough around the edges, confusing at times because the terms are too vague when intended to convey complex information that doesn't translate to linear form or a language I comprehend.

That's what happens with this stuff. Learning to decipher unique and relevant meaning in the code is part of the evolution of consciousness. It requires work, dedication and patience to understand the nature of the flow. And it is personal, unique to the experiencer. There will be ebbs, low tides and overwhelming information floods.

The key is to simply go forward, give in to the process and allow the unknown to manifest in the reveal. Trust. There is a truth in setting yourself free to drop the form and let it all be.

When I revisit my words, and no matter how many times I review the content, I always find something I didn't know. The channeling remains fresh. And I'm glad I chose to include some of the personal process in my book because I knew there would be others like me who had not been exposed nor prepared for this kind of metaphysical, supernatural, paranormal event and might appreciate hearing how it can just start - for absolutely no reason - then shake up the very core of your life foundation.

When that happens, the world shifts, reality cracks and you undergo an intense realignment of conscious awareness and reassessment of your mental state.

You begin to reexamine superficial appearances and question all that you encounter that seems to operate without conscience or heart. Lock-step conformity holds no appeal.

I could not imagine how to make sense of my story without including the process of unfoldment to demonstrate that, no matter who you are or how tight you think your handle is on the “real” world, reality is relative. Each is a co-creator. Higher awareness is ever-present.

We are designed to make mistakes and muddle through a few things before we get our bearings.
Awakening to a world where multidimensional awareness is a part of the daily routine takes a bit of getting used to. I was left with the knowing that the world is a multi-layered energetic arena and a much more entertaining place if we can allow for that, whether or not we comprehend it.

So much more has happened since that initial introduction. We truly exist in a space, in-and-out-of-time. And when we are granted more exposure to some of the shamanic realms, wonder unfolds exponentially.

In 2009, I was given an incredible glimpse into the out-of-time existence. For a period of several weeks in early spring, reality shifted, time winked and dimensions merged. Mind-boggled again. 

From the Reviewer -

Bio: Garrett, Wendy – A psychic channels messages from a spirit through a blinking nightlight.

Growing pains here. I have had to make peace with the term “psychic” because I had not considered myself in that light. I even turned on a friend who referred to me as one. Labels are a challenge. 

I thought I was telling the story as a Broadcast Journalist who went AWOL and found God. I was too close to the material. The reviewer offered a chance for a redirect. Annoyed at being called a psychic, I thought – right out of the chute  – the label misdirected the intent and the direction of the book.

I have mellowed. And I do give readings. One reading made no sense at the time. I addressed the client and said it was about their white cat. Informed the cat was tabby and they didn't have a white cat, I let it go. The information was meant for a white cat. We reconnected about a year later and they told me that their yellow tabby cat had turned white.

I am not psychic. I am a channel and an intuitive, and sometimes, I know things. 

TALKING TO NIGHTLIGHTS, Channeling Energy and Awakening for Spiritual Insight
iUniverse (132 pp.) $13.95 paperback
April 25, 2007, ISBN: 978-0-595-41919-7:

In 1997, Garrett, who’d had psychic experiences since childhood but kept them at arms length to maintain a normal daily routine, began the channeling adventure of her life when she discovered that a blinking nightlight conveyed messages from a spirit, whom she called the Energy.

Informed that the Energy watches over and influences humans—Garrett worked with her own spirit guides to learn how to better connect to the Energy and as a result, soon understood the Energy well enough to sit at her computer and allow its messages to flow through her fingers.

A spirit thousands of years old, the Energy spoke of multiple universes and imparted information to help the author discover more about her spiritual self and her life connections to those around her. A spiritual Deep Throat, perhaps the most revealing bit the Energy divulged is what she could expect after her death, which she will experience many times before becoming a spirit like the Energy.

Several conversations were developed into discussions about science and metaphysics. For these, the Energy received help from other spirits, whom Garrett had channeled before.

To better understand this information, she studied books by respected physicists like Stephen Hawking, and those titles are included in a recommended reading list.

Eventually, the Energy told the author, she would move on to a higher plane of pure energy and take on a physical form again.

The spirit also transmitted positive messages about love and a touching message about the death of the author’s cat.

Positive messages about a unique experience of spiritual awakening. 

And so it is.

A new beginning with an observation: Cats are multidimensional. Talking to Nightlights II