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“I am Ubik. Before the universe was, I am. I made the suns. I made the worlds. I created the lives and the places they inhabit; I move them here, I put them there. They go as I say, then do as I tell them. I am the word and my name is never spoken, the name which no one knows. I am called Ubik, but that is not my name. I am. I shall always be.” - Philip K. Dick, Ubik

1/6/19 - Margie Kay - Paranormal/UFO Investigator, Missouri MUFON, Author of The Kansas City UFO Flaps. Upcoming 2 day Remote Viewing Class, March 2019.

1/13//19 - Updating the status of Maitreya. Who is Mairtreya? Felicity Eliot and Julian Crème - Son of Benjamin Crème, founder of Share International. "Unless one understands the reality of the etheric levels of energy as finer, subtler, levels of matter, one cannot begin to understand the UFO phenomenon, and one cannot understand the creation of crop circles - because they are all related." - Benjamin Crème  - Newsletter.

1/20/19 - Patty Greer had a life changing out-of-body-experience in the center of a UK Crop Circle in 2007. Her perception of reality was forever changed. After producing several documentary films [on crop circles, UFOs and more] Patty is allowing viewers free access. Crop Circle Films.

1/27/19 - House of Spirits - I occasionally moonlight as a Medium. In this case the location is near the Nelson Museum in Kansas City and I am unable to make that address public but I can talk about the engagement and the circumstances that brought me to the house. - wendy

2/3/19 - Dowsing can be used for so much more than finding lost things or locating water. (Uri Geller finds oil.) Author of Spirit Rescue, Tick Gaudreau is back to highlight the uses.

2/10/19 - Irena McCammon Scott, PhD, Sacred Corridors: SECRETS BEHIND THE REAL PROJECT BLUE BOOK, WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, ROSWELL, BATTELLE, MEMORY METAL, DR. J. ALLEN HYNEK and UFO COVER-UPS. Her smoking gun revelations have already attracted much attention including a possible new Roswell witness, accounts about possible Memory Metal and Elroy John Center, the Cordell Hull report, and many others. She has found many additional smoking guns that are reported here, some with even higher credibility, such as evidence that an alloy company had received a debris sample to analyze and its composition.

2/17/19 - John Nelson - The Magic Mirror - Scrying - Fortune Telling and Divination - Origins and history of scrying. How you can benefit from scrying. You, too, can have a magic mirror. What will your mirror reflect?

2/24/19 - Wendy - Preview Third Eye Spies - the Rabbit Hole … If/when Telepathy, ESP, Remote Viewing, PSI abilities are weaponized? One word: Karma. It may or may not be an immediate or directly observable connect but that is how energy works - it simply returns the favor.

1/3/19 - rebroadcast - Irena Scott, PhD, SACRED CORRIDORS, her newest book. And we talk about that military jet that dive bombed her house. Really.

3/10/19 - Feng Shui - Eventually those who do Feng Shui encounter ghosts. Denise Liotta-Dennis on the shadow element.

3/17/19 - Third Eye Spies - Director Lance Mungia.
Third Eye Spies tells the story of two Stanford physicists who discover that psychic abilities are real, only to have their experiments co-opted by the CIA and their research silenced in the name of secrecy.

3/24/19 - Tina Erwin
- Ghost Helpers. Stepping in when the relatives have not moved on and or other entities move in and disturb the peace. Knowing how to clear your own space also helps those around you.

3/31/19 -
Laurie McDonald - Hypnotherapist Empowering Experiencers - Overcoming fear.

4/7/19 - Sean Daley - Paranormal Anthropology. College credit. Includes Field trips. Example: The Sallie House. (JCCC). Sean currently teaches several anthropology courses focused on the paranormal and supernatural at JCCC, including “The Anthropology of the Paranormal and Supernatural,” “Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Ghosts and Hauntings,” “Demons and Demonology in the Roman Catholic Tradition,” and “The Anthropology of Religion.”  

- Wendie Colter - New study on Medical Intuition in hospital setting allows the research to be submitted to peer reviewed journals. The Practical Path.

4/21/19 - Sandy Newbigging - Mind Detox. Meditation.

4/28/19 - Medium Bill Philipps, Signs from the Other Side. How to recognize signs your loved ones in spirit send to you.

5/5 - Shelley Kaehr, The Past Life Lady.

5/12/19 - Walter Semkiw, MD - IISIS, Reincarnation - Reviewing the evidence and the extraordinary cases.

5/19 - Lee Harris - Channel. Energy Speaks.  (Jumped to #1 download shortly after it posted in the show archives. Now in the top 3.)

5/26/19 - Simon Bown, Past Lives Hypnosis, Hypnotherapist, writer, podcast host. The Past Lives Podcast.

6/2/19 - Tom Dongo - Long-time resident of Sedona, he has camped on and hiked over thousands of miles of the Sedona/Flagstaff/Prescott mountains, mesas, deserts, and canyons. Recognized world authority on UFOs and paranormal occurrences. His seven books include: The Quest, Mysterious Sedona and Merging Dimensions.

6/9/19 - From the Archives - Paul Rimmasch: 'Fingerprints and Phantoms' [Amazon] - True stories from the CSI. Real haunts. Ghosts happen. Even to those employed in Law Enforcement. Stories that cannot be summed up with a neat and tidy ending remain notable by the facts: Unexplained. PS - the Evidence Room is one of the most frequent locations for paranormal activity.

6/16/19 - Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne - Helping Ghosts to move on and dealing with Psychic Kids.

6/23/19 - Astrology by Moonrabbit. Linda Zlotnik started doing Death Charts after her twin sister died in 2005. Helping to resolve the loss of a loved one.

6/30/19 - Gerard Aartsen, The Sea of Consciousness, The Invisible Ocean. Featuring 2 articles by George Adamski. George Adamski’s philosophy and teaching were far ahead of their time and are now finding confirmation at the very forefront of 21st-century scientific thinking. (Contactee - "Inside the Space Ships", 1955, New print 2014)

7/7/19 - Adnan Ademovic, UFO Hub. Fantastic, current and topical archive of UFO and related interviews. 5 Stages of Contact.

7/14/19 - Christi Clemons Hoffman - [Kansas City] Local practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. QHHT - The Dolores Cannon Method. More information available on the Radiate Wellness Blog. (In my session with Christi, I requested help to find a necklace missing several months after a move. I got a clue and found it as soon as I went home. Surprise! In a place I had already checked several times. No explanation.)

7/21/19 - The Mosiac, Daniel Levin.

7/28/19 - Board Camp Crystal Mine - Cheryl and Orville Murphy will be at KC Paracon August 9-10.

8/4/19 - Dr. Ian Rubenstein. The Doctor who studied to become a Medium.  

8/11/19 - Shelley Kaehr - Edgar Cayce - [I'll add more info after we talk.] 

8/18/19 - Michael Peter Langevin - The Echo World  I have been a fan since reading Magical Blend Magazine. Following up with the current magazine. June Issue

8/25/19 - Shekina Rose - (YouTube) Featured in the upcoming Disclosure Documentary.

Vacation time at the station -

--- 9/1/19 repeat Dr. Ian Rubenstein - The Doctor is a Medium. His book is a fantastic read for anyone who is curious or is serious about improving their mediumistic ability.

Rescheduled 9/8/19 - Mary Helen Hensley - [Promised by Heaven/NDE] Understanding is the New Healing. Mary Helen 2018 IANDS Speaker. Video

--- 9/8/19 repeat Board Camp Crystal Mine - UFO, Sasquatch, Unexplained. Levitating rocks and magnetic anomalies. The extraordinary happenings are ongoing and unexplained. A fantastic area to research.

9/15/19 - Nick Redfern - Flying Saucers from the Kremlin. Were the Soviets influencing Contactees and UFO groups?

[TBA - Walter Semkiw, MD - Past Life issues. Phobias and Gender. Reincarnation Research.]

9/22/19 - When Plants Dream - Daniel Pinchbeck and Sophia Rokhlin

9/29/19 - Regression Healing I - Wendy Rose Williams

10/6/19 - Patrick De Haan - Tripping into predictions and prognostications. Channeling.

10/13/19 - Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone - Weird stuff happens.

10/20/19 - Paula Lenz - NDE, Overcoming grief - with the assistance of her deceased Brother who has continued to make his presence known.

10/27/19 - Energy Enigma - Edd Edwards is giving science some new stats to show the potential of energy healers. He's also working with a partner to add the female balance.

11/3/19 - PMH Atwater - NDE Research - revisiting cases years later. Lasting effects.

11/10/19 - Marian Rudnyk - Intersect. Former NASA Astronomer breaks his silence about UFOs.

11/17/19 - Keith Linder - Continuing story of The Bothell Hell House. Poltergeist of Washington State Part 2 is the follow-up. Also a free Documentary on YouTube: Demons in Seattle. Additional Link: American Supernatural.

Holiday Schedule - TBA

12/8/19 - Bryn Blankenship - Limitless Soul, Healing through past life regression therapy.

12/15/19 - Tom Butler - Association TransCommunication.  ITC, EVPs - Communications from the Afterlife

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