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Jan 17, 2021

The 1st UFO Documentary by an African American, A Film by Patricia Avant

"Either you see things, or you don't. There is NO other explanation. So I am not here trying to convince, not one single solitary soul. Our sky has become a highway, whether or not you SEE it or believe it." - Patricia Avant, Documentary Producer, Black People Do See UFOS.

OddsnEnds, UFOs in the News -
  • The UFO sighted in Hawaii disappeared into the water. Link.
  • Idaho #1 for UFO sightings. Link.
  • Declassified UFO documents are available online. Livescience.
  • Everything is archived at this site: The Black Vault.
  • The clock is ticking UFO disclosure. CNN.

We kick off 2021 with no lack of UFO headlines. Bonus: a UFO film. My interview with Patricia Avant is in the Wendy's Coffeehouse archives

How did it start? We cover some of her childhood memories in the interview but the most recent trigger was a close encounter in 2016. Patricia wasn't alone. Her son was with her and they both saw 4 red-orange spheres hovering in the sky. Startling and frightening at the time. Avoiding the term UFO, he suggested they saw a helicopter. But there was no sound. 

Later, her son gave her a camera and she began taking pictures of the moon. She says that lasted for about three months before it got old. The moon didn't change. Still focused on the sky, she wondered if she could take a picture of a star. And so it began. 

Jumping ahead. After getting a collection of images, Patricia was curious whether she could get an explanation for what she was seeing from scientists. So she sent some of her images to NASA. The response: "Don't break your camera."

She kept filming. For what it's worth, not everyone who has a camera can take a picture of a UFO. Another person who can film UFOs is experiencer Chris Bledsoe who is sharing his videos in several groups on Facebook. He has an extraordinary story but he is also an abductee. For comparison, here is one of his videos: Punk Rock and UFOs blog.

The images Chris shares include colors and shapes that are similar to Patricia's images but they have not been enhanced to reveal additional details.

More background on Chris. In 2007, he had an abduction experience that changed his life. His story, The Fayetteville Incident (NC) has been featured on the Discovery Channel. Bio from a recent appearance where he talks about why he now feels he needs to be more proactive in sharing his experience since the original encounter. Link

When Patricia describes what she filmed, she says it flickers like a star but it is not a star. Some are shaped like a triangle with round objects in the interior. She said there were lots of nights when she would spend hours trying to capture what she saw. She thinks UAP is a better classification for the objects she sees. I've included her film (vimeo link) and additional links. 

Black People Do See UFOS from Patricia Avant on Vimeo.

Sign up to be notified when the next films are available. Link.

About the fact that Patricia is able to film some remarkable images, my perspective may not sound logical or scientific and that is because it isn't. Even so, it is just as real. There is more to filming the phenomenon than having a camera. Some people can't see anything and others who can are unable to photograph it. It has to do with the beings and the need to be in sync for interaction. Unlike us, they can choose to be seen or to remain hidden.


Additional Interests - 
  • Very similar to experiencer Dorothy Izatt who managed to capture 30,000 feet of film footage, Patricia is in sync with her project. She knows what to look for and is getting some some beautiful results. And her project is ongoing.

  • Another comparison. There is a blue UFO in this video. This is Robert Fullington's account on YouTube, of a 45-minute UFO interaction in California, taken from an interview for the book, Being with the Beings.

  • Experiencer John Foster says some of his encounters occurred during public events where hundreds were present but many were completely unaware of it. His story is covered in three books. He also includes a lot of that on his blog.

  • Experiencers share their stories in this Facebook group. Link.

  • Another background post on Chris Bledsoe details on his encounter. Reddit.

  • This YouTube video noted in the Reddit segment is from the Richard Dolan show Orange orbs at 1:35 and a prophecy 2012 encounter with "The Lady".
  • Diana Pasulka wrote about Chris and others in American Cosmic.

Stay curious. 

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