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Aug 12, 2019

Shelley Kaehr, Intro to Edgar Cayce's Egyptian Energy Healing with a teaser on an entirely new technique: Pythagorean Healing.

“Great numbers of children will be born who understand electronics and atomic power as well as other forms of energy. They will grow into scientists and engineers of a new age which has the power to destroy civilization unless we learn to live by spiritual laws.” - Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

OddnsEnds - during the show I threw out a few topics - these are the support links. 
  • Scott Nelson - CryptoLinguist analysis of Sasquatch Language - UFOHUB Lecture Series.
  • Sandy Jorgensen - Palm Reader, Info page 12, Evolving Magazine
  • Regarding that sketch of the "Darting Shadow" - After I submitted my little bit of artwork to MUFON, Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON, Margie Kay said this type of sighting is a UFO. I called it an Entity. Her response: "You saw one of what we are calling the Fast Movers. These are UFOs that move so fast you can barely see them with the naked eye, but they can be captured on video."
  • Classic Energy Work - Donna Eden demonstrates a daily energy booster. 
  • Recommending for Stress relief. Floating KC.
  • Edd Edwards and his mind-blowing research (PSI) results at Rhine Research Center

Reconnecting with Dr. Shelley Kaehr to learn more about her newest energy healing technique. Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview.

A world-renowned past-life regressionist, Dr. Shelley’s method has been endorsed by numerous leaders in the field of consciousness, including Dr. Raymond Moody and Brian Weiss who called her book Lifestream, “An important contribution to the field of regression therapy.”

She has trained thousands of energy healing practitioners during her many years in private practice and has developed healing modalities including Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing, Holographic Mapping, among others.

Shelley previewed our show material in a Guest blog post. Link.

Here are the videos that support the content. Do know that there are several helpful videos in this series, I chose to feature this one because it offers an interesting and uncommon technique, pre-programming healing activation. 

Another method Shelley talked about and actually gave a first time debut - before it had been announced elsewhere (Thank you, Shelley) - during the interview, Pythagorean Healing, is entirely new.

The great thing about Shelley is her abundant creative drive. Again, this program was created - an entirely new energy healing program - since we last spoke. And not just one book, this is a three series program. Here are the promised links.

Pythagorean Healing: Level One
Preview on Amazon
Binary Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Two
Platonic Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Three

In the final segment of the interview, Shelley casually teased the CE-5 experience. She references the ET source of this energy healing program and drops the term 'Blue Avians'

Does she give details? We ran out of time for a full explanation. The focus was on the energy work. Another reason to reconnect. 

By all means, if you follow up and use any of these methods please check in with Shelley and offer a review.

Given this is brand new, it is nice to be able to see the results and compare notes.

Additional Links:

Connect with Shelley: Past Life Lady
Twitter: @ShelleyKaehr
Facebook Fan Pages: Past Life Lady, Shelley Kaehr
YouTube: Past Life Lady
Shelley's books on Amazon
Book: Edgar Cayce's Egyptian Energy Healing

Thank you for listening!
Stay curious.

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