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May 2, 2019

Guest Blog, Psychic Medium Bill Philips: Believing is seeing.

The stories and lessons in Signs from the Other Side remind us that there is more to life, and our relationships, than meets the eye. And when we open to that, magic starts to happen. - Lee Harris, author of Energy Speaks

During our interview, I joked and asked (pestered) Bill if he could provide a blog post. Graciously, Bill agreed. Author of Expect the Unexpected. With permission, and an intro from the publisher, this is an excerpt from his newest book. Signs from the Other Side.

What I did not share during the interview: On Tuesday, April 23, my step-grandmother had been hospitalized and we were given notice everything except the breathing tube had been removed. My Mom had spent time and was checking in with her over the past several months and we knew she was fading. Shortly after (Wednesday, April 24) this interview was recorded, she died. The funeral was this past Tuesday (April 30).

I do get connects from relatives and close friends when they pass. Sometimes, in very novel ways. Link. My signs this time, songs: How Great Thou Art and Nearer My God to Thee. The excerpt provided is in perfect sync.

Psychic Medium Bill Philips
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Publisher: Who hasn’t wished they could ask a departed loved one for advice, heal an unresolved rift, or even just ask where their grandmother’s strand of pearls is hidden? The best psychic mediums know what solace such messages can provide. 

They also know that communication with those on the other side can be cultivated by anyone with a sincere and open heart.  - Signs from the Other Side: Opening to the Spirit World (New World Library, March 5, 2019), Psychic Medium Bill Philipps. We hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from the book. 

You Have to Believe it to See it.

Each day, spirits are trying to connect with us to help us make decisions, find meaning in our lives, or navigate through difficult times. They try to create that link in a multitude of ways, such as with animals, electricity, music, dates, numbers, dreams, and coins.

They repeatedly dangle these things right in front of us, and though we see them, we usually consider them nothing more than ordinary objects or coincidences that have no significant meaning in our lives. That’s because we don’t know how to view them as something more, or we simply don’t believe.

How often have you made a decision based on a gut feeling? Isn’t the result of your decision usually the one you had hoped for or expected? And how often have you said to yourself, “Something is telling me I should [or shouldn’t] do this”? That “something” is your innate psychic ability, commonly known as intuition. It is a God-given gift that is seized upon by the spirit world to help guide you in your earthly journey.

What we often fail to realize is that even though a dead person’s body is gone, their spirit is not. Their soul lives, not just in heaven but on earth. Sure, we may comfort ourselves by saying that we know they are around us or that we feel their energy, but do we truly believe they are present in our lives to the extent that they can communicate directly with us from the beyond at any moment? They are, and they can.

If your first reaction is “I need to see it to believe it,” make a couple of adjustments to that phrase and you’ll be right on track: “I need to believe it to see it.” One day, when I was trying to navigate through some difficulties in my life and desperately longed for my mom, I asked her to show me a sign that she was with me.

Believing that she would, and paying close attention to my surroundings, I was expecting to see the usual white butterfly. But instead, I received something much more definitive. The next day I found myself driving behind a car with a license plate that read “YVONNE” — my mom’s name. Not only is that a relatively uncommon name, but there are millions of registered vehicles in the vast state of California and only one with that plate.

How did I end up in that exact place on the road at that precise moment behind that car the day after I had asked for a sign? Coincidence? No way. I think my chances of winning the lottery might have been better. Signs from the spirit world are literally everywhere. Fortunately, I was in a frame of mind that enabled me to recognize one.

In a world fraught with uncertainty, people are often searching for guidance in an earthly form but struggling to find it, so they are turning more and more to the “other side” for help. I witness it daily from those who reach out to me for readings or advice, many of them desperate to connect with a loved one who has passed.

But the good news is that you don’t need me to make that connection. Yes, with a gifted medium as a conduit, communication between you and the spirit world will be much clearer. But neither I nor any other medium can be that conduit for everyone all the time. That is why if you believe in the intuition you were born with and are open to the possibilities, the spirits will take care of the rest directly with you.

# # # Psychic Medium Bill Philipps is the author of Signs from the Other Side and Expect the Unexpected. His life’s mission is to help people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information and beautiful messages from Spirit, which heal and bring a sense of peace.

Visit him online at www.billphilipps.com. Excerpted from the book Signs from the Other Side. Copyright ©2019 by Bill Philipps. Printed with permission from New World Library.

Thank you for listening!
Stay curious.

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