Jan 29, 2018

Where the Ghosts don't play dead. Terry McKenzie's haunted house in Weston, Missouri

“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.” - Ray Bradbury

Oddsnends - 
  • Movie based on Leslie Kean's book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. Deadline
  • Winchester didn't spook Helen Mirren. Or? She says she doesn't believe in Ghosts. MSN Sarah Winchester did. Then again, when asked if she would spend a night alone in the house, Helen is quick to decline: WSVN  Employees who work at the Winchester Mystery House might have a different perspective. Ghosts are listed on the website. Another article on the house: Smithsonian Mag
  • Algorithm that predicts Death approved by FDA. (As I write this the nightlight pops on. Sense of humor noted.)
  • Canadian Sasquatch researcher scores a court date in California. He tried and failed in Canada. The goal is to prove the existence of Bigfoot. Mysterious Universe
  • Related: Nebraska Bigfoot Conference coming up 2/15-17
  • Or the International UFO Congress 2/14-18
  • Levitation made possible via 'acoustic tractor beam' ... Engadget
  • Haunted painting has a new home. Unexplained Mysteries
  • Dogs have a musical preference. Make a match. Try Adoptify: Adweek

Sci-Fi fans are in luck with two new series - Altered Carbon (based on the book) and Counterpart - No book to follow on this one: Indiewire  Seeing double. Dive in. 

Altered Carbon is slated for 10 episodes on Netflix. Connect with author Richard Morgan and follow the process of metamorphosis, from book to film.

Interview with Terry McKenzie - Ghosts don't play dead - Wendy's Coffeehouse 1/28

Terry McKenzie says he first began to wonder when he heard heavy footsteps in the room above him while he was alone in the house. A bigger impression involved witnesses who were gathered in the basement. Very clearly, the sound of a man laughing could be heard coming from the stairway. Two of the witnesses were spooked enough to gather their things and vacate the house ASAP. 

The incident that stands out the most involves a photograph.

(L) Orb or not? Andy took this near Terry's home
on the Halloween Ghost Walk. 2016 I think.
Terry needed to document some of the furnishings for insurance purposes and took a photo of a dresser with a mirror.

The room was empty at the time
but when the picture was developed, clearly
reflected in the mirror, were the images of two people, a man and a woman dressed in period clothing.

That image is pretty incredible, I've seen it too. Holy grail for a ghost hunter. Difficult to explain or to deny.

Thirteen years later, Terry says some friends might joke and deny that the house is haunted but he and his wife don't have the luxury of disbelief. Experience makes all the difference. And the Ghosts seem to be friendly or at least not too scary.

According to Terry the time of day is key. He says the house takes on a different energy at night. Curious? The Halloween Ghost Walk is an outside tour of several houses. To see the inside, sign up for the 2018 Weston Christmas Homes Tour.

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Stay curious! 

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