Jan 12, 2018

SciXFriday - a mix of curious, happy, odd and etc.

"The highest forms of understanding we can achieve are laughter and human compassion." - Richard Feynman

Oddsnends -
  • UFO - Secret Pentagon program revealed. What now? Still curious. FOX
  • Happy and they know it? Norway. World Happiness Report for 2017. (Bobby McFerrin)
  • Booyah! Water on Mars. Wired. How good that is will be determined.
  • Stephen Hawking says he'll pay the fare for climate deniers. Pack bags for Venus.
  • An invented language survived Hitler and Stalin has a new online fan base. BBC Future.
    Check it out? Here's the Duolingo link: Esperanto.
  • Job opening for classified airline Janet. Flight Attendant. Required: Top Secret Clearance.
    Area 51? The truth flies somewhere out there.
  • Dumroll - best Domino tricks of 2017. Outdone by Magnets and Marbles.
  • When the whale saves you from a shark. Dodo.
  • Crowd Sourced SciFi? CNET readers write.

ci-Fi short film. DUST - owns an epic break room. Plurality.

Directed by Dennis A Liu
Cast and credits IMDB
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