Dec 29, 2017

SciXFriday - space, moonlight magic, purple sweaters and wakeup calls

Blinded and irritated, until I realized the source was moonlight streaming through the skylight and Andy wasn't the one who touched my arm to wake me. I asked the empty room, "Is there something you want from me?" Telepathic response: "There's magic in the moonlight. If you sleep through it, you will miss it." - Talking to Nightlights II

OddsnEnds -
  • Destination Alpha Centauri. New Scientist  Slated for 2069. UPI
  • Not a UFO but a lot of people thought it was. Time lapse SpaceX rocket launch.
  • Wake up and smell the warming. Ancient diseases no longer safely iced over. BBC Earth
  • Goodbye Arctic ice cover. Inhabit
  • Can you meet your cosmic twin? Max Tegmark responds in this fantastic BBC Earth film.
  • Pop up book genius. Katsumi Komagata link. A story about life and a tree: Brain Pickings
  • Spaghetti makes a Christmas fashion statement (purple): Twisted Sifter or YouTube vid with holiday ambiance.
The story revolves around Asmita, a young Nepali orphan and a strange shepherd who lives in the mountains.

"The Shepherd" by Lasse Rutzou Bruntse and John Muller
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