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Sep 21, 2017

Indie Film - Telepathic Sasquatch, Letters from the Big Man - updated

"Sasquatch opening hearts, one Human at a time." - Kathleen Jones Odom, Trance Medium/Shamanic Practitioner

- Our Interview, 9/20/17, is here: Conscious Living on Empower Radio. Another is coming up ON KCMO Talk Radio 10/29/17. We'll continue exploring the topic and hearing the backstory on the film she served as an advisor on: Letters from the Big Man. IMDb

The film drew excellent reviews from Critics and moviegoers alike. Comments include: "It is about time that they portray this creature as something other than a blurry shadow or blood covered angry monster stalking campers out in the woods. Seriously, the special (practical) effects on this costume are amazing. In some shots, it almost feels like they actually filmed the real thing instead of an actor in a suit." - IMDb

"So often turned into grist for B-movie schlock horror, the Bigfoot legend becomes a thing of bewitching beauty in Munch’s fable (the film stayed with me for weeks after I saw it at Sundance), as his low-key, equable approach to such potentially absurd material makes Sarah’s transformative inner journey both enthralling and emotionally plausible."
-Filmmaker Magazine

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I was ready to kick back and shift gears. No time to pack up and go. Wanted something to keep the curiosity stream alive. Found it. This quietly beautiful and thoughtful film presents a unique and completely unconventional perspective on Sasquatch. Thank-you. Reviewers were wowed: Link.
"A remarkable film."- The New Yorker (Richard Brody). Review: 2011/from Roger Ebert.

"Directed by renowned independent filmmaker Christopher Munch (The Hours and the Times) and featuring gorgeous cinematography showcasing the natural beauty of the Oregon wilderness, Letters From the Big Man" offers the first true-to-life representation of Sasquatch.

First, Sasquatch and Us offers a back story.

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Letters From the Big Man Home Page

Extra information: Speaking of Sasquatch Episode/Sasquatch Ontario
and the late Jann Weiss on Sasquatch Consciousness
Nephatia - Speaking of Sasquatch Episode 4 includes Kathleen's channeled communication with host Christopher Munch - also the writer/director of the film Letters from the Big Man. Connect on Facebook: Link 

As mentioned earlier, the Empower interview is up now and we will be talking again. Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Trance Medium / Shamanic Practitioner Kathleen Jones Odom, coming up 10/29/17.

After speaking with Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis, Archived Interview, this is yet another connection emphasizing the interdimensional and telepathic aspects that are part of the experience when one engages in and is receptive to contact with Sasquatch.

To schedule a session with Kathleen - contact her at sasquatchspeaks@gmail.com
Episode 1 and the introduction to Speaking of Sasquatch

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