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Jun 9, 2017

SciXFriday - Award winning Zari, w/Wingsuits, UFOs, ESP, Owls & Etc...

"To have an out-of-body experience (an OBE) is to bring a new meaning to existence." - Joe Slate, Astral Projection and Psychic Empowerment

Coffee break misc.  -  
  • Wingsuit speed record? Launched at a height where the view includes curvature of the earth and 250 mile plus range. Awesome. BBC 
  • Maybe not quite as high up. Check the image on this MUFON report. UFOStalker  The Accidental Copper Mountain UFO sighting, 6/1/17. UFOSightingsHotspot 
  • Great boost for ESP. Science supports it. Daryl Bem's Precognition Experiments Slate  There are some doubters. Fortunately, he responds. Daily Grail. And the research continues. 2 experiments plus/2 experiments minus CCCUPsychology 
  • Owl fans might enjoy this from Mike Clelland's blog. Out in the woods talking ETs. Heated words. Lively disagreement. Slight pause. Owls offer LOUD exclamations. End of argument. 
  • The Pet bonus. Dogs and Cats and the benefit of good germs? NYTimes 
  • Running with Donkeys - Because Sherman NYTimes
"Zari" by Courtney Marsh - Award winning Sci-Fi short. What if? A world not to difficult to envision. A household helper robot begins to attain sentience as it observes the family with their pet dog.

"Zari" Review on Film Shortage
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