Jun 27, 2017

Magic 8 Ball logic and other wise themes in the improbability ballpark

"Oh, the places you'll go!" - Dr. Seuss

Do I need a theme for this blog? In a quick google search the top answer: Yes. I choose Quirky. To define that I say, Expect the Unexpected. Mix and toss in a bit of Unexplained and Curious.

Theme fodder -
  • "Yes, You Do Need a Theme." Apparently, that one is taken. Source
  • Serious about the Theme thing? Go here. Source 
  • IN-tensely serious about that Theme. It's wordy. Game on! Source 
  • Theme Variations: Improbability. Definition - Fat Chance being one. Drive - of which 42 is the perfect answer. Book - Math's hidden Hand factors in. Role Model - Bonus: Includes Themes.

Link Fodder -

  • RobynDale highlights The Aokigahara Forest in Japan. AKA suicide forest: Atlas Obscura. Believed to be haunted. "Many skeptics admit they find the forest creepy or foreboding and many of the local people won’t go into the forest because they believe it is cursed. In addition to signs posted in and around the forest urging people to reconsider their choice, suicide patrols were started in 1971 and are maintained around the forest throughout the year." Wiki Source Curious Fortean Blog

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Magic 8 Ball. Improbable. Affirmed *

I posted that haunted forest link on Facebook with a catty aside: MysteryUnsolved -- Signs point to a hike to remember ... or avoid.

I then took it a step further and grabbed the 8 Ball.

Question: Is the Aokigahara Forest haunted?

8 Ball: "Signs point to YES."

Have we just determined that my 8 Ball has a sense of humor? Seems we do speak the same language.

Probability Score: YTBD. Improbability Score: Outstanding.

A few good relatively/improbable links - 

  • Driver in Georgia stopped for speeding. The ET (Paul's twin) passenger stole the show. Note the 2 drinks between them. Green smoothie? AJC.com 
  • Batman vs. shoplifter in Walmart. DVD selection included LEGO Batman. Inside Edition 
  • Chances of a catastrophic asteroid encounter? When inquiring minds need to worry. Raw Story 
  • Serious watching - NASA - More Serious watching - Space 
  • Bookmark the Total Solar Eclipse - Bonus: Libraries are gearing up to offer free eclipse specs. 
  • Water conflicted? Turns out water exists in two distinct liquid phases. Science Alert 
  • Training the Tourists to share their fishing bounty. Size counts. Instagram 
  • 2 bell-ringing cats (now) in hats. UPI
Are we having fun yet? Sub-theme identified. 

Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives. Thank you for listening and sharing!