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Aug 6, 2016

CATS Reboot, Bring on the Tour!

Still working on the 8/6/16 show review with Edd Edwards  -- In other news -- 

If you would know what a cat is thinking about,
you must hold its paw in your hand for a long time
. - Jules Champfleury - More great Cat quotes here on the 'Diary of Dennis' blog

Prayers answered: "Brilliant."
"Feels like going home." - CATS lover

Preview the new CATS on the scene ... GMA medley link

Review of the GMA CATS preview ... 5 6-toed Paws (Stellar)

WSJ - CATS - Blockbuster touring goals too good to be true? (Nah!) “We haven’t decided what the start date is, but it will definitely be touring the country again,” said Nick Scandalios, executive vice president of the Nederlander Organization, a co-producer. (Yipee!.. er, MEowww ... slow-mo head toss, licks paw and walks away in search of out-of-the-way sunny spot.)

Entertainment Weekly - Link love

Tickets - Broadway Cats
  • As for not liking cats (pets) in general ... that's just fine but not so fast on the "signs your cat doesn't like you" ... Science says that's just "wrong" --
  • Pop/Sci link. Sorry, Cat haters. Cats do like their peeps - a lack of gushy affection, tail wagging and gravity defying cartwheels, fails to indicate otherwise.
  •  Throwing the dog/s a bone here -- Debut of the buzzed about trend in pet fare ... Dog Wine (non-alchoholic of course) featured details on Huffington Post: Link

Equal time for all - Author John Bradshaw/Behaviorist
Cat Sense
Dog Sense  ... note -- this page has a few more bells and interactive whistles -- might note a "sense" of bias in this case. Then again, Cats are probably just fine with less fuss.

T.S. Eliot
Ernest Hemingway Home - Polydactl Cats
Island of Cats - Aoshima, Japan