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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Time out for a Fairy Tale - The Gnomist

Imagine. Smile. Dream light.

Dark trails illumined, sparkles on the trees,
Earth Angels and Forest Pixies sail along the breeze.

Delightful novelty, a sense of wonder in the day,
Fairytale embellishment elevates the play.

Even if and when, without warning or notice, such novelty should depart,
Residing in the echo: captivated heart.

Fantastical element long gone.
Fairy wonder ingrained, ever charming.

A story local to KC, this little gem resurfaced in the news feed. A marriage of the show on Coincidence with Dr. Bernard Beitman (podcast link) and the Atheist in Heaven show with Paul Davids, about Forrest J. Ackerman (podcast link).

Synchronicity here is a highlight on the need for time outs, recreation breaks and minds open to wonder. A light-hearted mystery for children of all ages.

"Come to the forest." -- A walk in the park with The Gnomist --

Fairy Tales for Extra Credit --

Hans Christian Anderson: Link
How the Grimm Brothers saved the Fairy Tale: Link

Pottermore - The adventures continue.

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