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Jul 5, 2016

7/2/16 - The EarthKeeper - show headlines and overview

"Don't panic!" - Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy)

Headlines  --

Another installment posted on Pottermore ... We learn more about the origins of the Wizarding World in North America.

Reprieve for Browser the Cat who can now stay at the library. Thank you internet denizens!

World UFO Day = big celebration in Roswell.

World UFO Day stats - and those who believe something truly incredible about Pleiadians. 

Why is July 2 World UFO Day? Nick Pope WGN podcast. Answer: Roswell

Roswell the Movie. Legit or Disinfo? More on Colonel Philip Corso.

My KCMO interview with Tom Carey detailing "mystery metal" a fascinating artifact from the Roswell crash site. At the time of our interview Carey had just been contacted by a new witness claiming to have seen it. Children of Roswell on Wendy's Coffeehouse.

-- Read enough of the ET and UFO contact encounters and one common theme resurfaces again and again: Do something about the environment. Don't mess up planet Earth!

Example: ["In Passport to the Cosmos, John Mack records that after some years of research he was “astonished to discover … in case after case, powerful messages about the human threat to the Earth’s ecology were being conveyed to the experiencers in vivid, unmistakable words and images”. He personally deemed it “quite possible that the protection of the Earth’s life is at the heart of the abduction phenomenon”.] Reference to John Mack from the Ariel Incident in Zimbabwe.

And on that note, my (podcast) 7/2/16 guest *Adam Hall, author of The EarthKeeper and founder of EarthKeeper Alliance, didn't have a UFO encounter but he is now a champion of projects directed at preserving and protecting lands from development, a complete and total about face from his former lifestyle/career orientation.

Adam's story began with a midlife crisis that changed the focus of his life. One of the steps on that strange and unexpected departure from "living the dream." was a Vision Quest that took him to the heart of a Native American sacred ground

Praise for the book - The EarthKeeper is a rite of passage that turns a contemporary businessman, otherwise headed towards self-ruin and oblivion- into a gentle, wise guardian of the Earth. This courageously conveyed tale should give every would-be Gordon Gekko ample pause, if not sufficient motivation, to turn greed into selfless service and hedonism into a love of nature. Adam C. Hall has written a tale of environmental redemption in a world more accustomed to sleepwalking and indifference. - Michael Tobias, Ph.D. Ecologist, Filmmaker and Author of Voice of the Planet

The vision anew -- Undeveloping the Lands to Preserve Wild Places.

Last news note: One valid view is that ETs/Aliens have contacted us and we don't have the ability to understand them. Here's an Interview: Neil deGrasse Tyson with Edward Snowden. Also referenced in the linked article: Dr. Nathalie Cabro with Seti.

*Link to a previous, extended interview with Adam Hall on Conscious Living.